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Featured Author: Layal Al Khatib

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Lebanon, Technology, Blogger Profiles

Lebanese blogger Layal Al Khatib, who also goes by the nickname “NightS”, wants to make sure that languages that are read right to left (RTL), including Arabic, look attractive when viewed on computer screens. One of her current projects is called RTL This [1], which according to the site:

this blog will focus on how to turn anything to be displayed in RTL. Basically the focus will be on the Web. We'll be “RTLing” WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Joomla or any HTML/CSS based webpage template. In addition to widgets or badges offered by some online services or anything you might want to “RTL”.

She is also actively involved with Global Voices in Arabic as a a volunteer translator [2], and recently added Global Voices author [3] to her list of titles.

In addition, Layal also attended the 2nd Arab Bloggers Meeting [4] held in her hometown of Beirut, a gathering that was co-sponsored by Global Voices.

She also writes actively on her personal blog Lebanese nightS [5], in which she recently published her contribution to the regional project Kolena Laila [6], and posts updates on her Twitter account @nightS [7].