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Video: Impressions from the Climate Change Conference

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Danish Climate Exhibit by UN Climate Change [1]

Image by UN Climate Change http://www.flickr.com/photos/45289935@N08

We bring you some video impressions from people at the Climate Change Conference [2] that took place during the first weeks of December in Copenhagen, Denmark.  From protests, to dances, arts and presentations, a small sample of COP15.

Through our special coverage page [3] you were able to see live video from the conference and video blogs via TheUptake.org [4] and OneClimate.net [5] as well as follow the Global Voices Team [3]at the conference through their blogs, twitter and other online media accounts.

Following some other videos showing different experiences people had at the Climate Change Conference:

Kiribati [6], an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, sent a delegation to the conference, and here is a video of their cultural presentation [7]:

The delegation from the Republic of Kiribati held a side event on the 9th of December 2009 at the UNFCCC COP15 meeting in Copenhagen, where they presented how they experience climate change in their daily lives, what they are doing to combat it, and their ambitions from the COP15 meeting. Here is a cultural item, a traditional dance, performed by I-Kiribati dancer Maria Timon.

A 14 year old from Sweden named Tora Gimre, gave a speech [8] about where the money to help stop climate change can be found:

Ecologists from Aragon, Spain get excited about heading out to the Forum from their hotel, and they recorded a short video out [9]in the hotel's lobby:

At the conference itself, outside the Bella Center, there was a protest done by the 350 initiative [10] protesting against carbon emissions [11]. With half their clothes off, they cried that Carbon was not negotiable:

350 [10]also staged a freeze action presentation [12], where youth froze last Friday at 3:50 pm for 350 seconds to ask climate leaders to keep island nations in existence by controlling global warming.

What was your favorite action on video from the Climate Change Conference? Please share it with us!