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Saudi Arabia: The Jeddah Floodings on Video

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People are still talking about the Jeddah floods [1] and their aftermath, almost three weeks after torrential rain and flooding brought life to a standstill in the western Saudi Arabian city. Internet users are exchanging links to YouTube, showing the extent of the damage, via email.

Bobo6699tariq [2] posts this video, showing cars being washed off on a road which turned into a river:

He explains:

سيوول و كوارث جده
والبلديه بانت على حقيقتها في الزفلته وفي حي قويزه بنو بيوت على اوديه والبيوت غرقة والناس ماتت والدفاع المدني ماساعدهم الله يعين ويعوضوهم على مافقدو من بيوت وسيارت واروح والله التوفيق
Jeddah's flooding and catastrophes..
And the municipality showed its real mettle. In Zaflata and Quwaiz neighbourhoods, the built homes in the valleys and those homes drowned, and the people died and the civil defense did not help them. May God help them and reward them for their losses in terms of houses and cars and souls.

MsAbuRayan [3] shows another scene from the flooding here:

She writes:

عز السيل ف شارع جاك شيء مفجع السيل وصل للوحات المحلات !!!!!!!! الله يعوضهم خير أصحاب البيوت والمحلات والسيارات ويرحم من مات
This is the flooding on Jack street and it is horrible. The water has covered the first floors of shops. May God reward those who have lost their homes, shops and cars and may He have mercy on those who died.

Maher, at Maherex [4], takes this video, which shows more damage:

Maher also posts this [5] video, which shows a large number of damaged cars: