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Iran: Men in Hijab to Support Jailed Student

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Iran, Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Governance, Human Rights, Politics, Protest

Hundreds of Iranian men have dressed as women in Hijab to support Majid Tavakoli [1], a student activist who was arrested on December 7, and express solidarity with women. Iranian authorities claim [2] Mr. Tavakoli was dressed as a woman to escape after delivering a speech in Tehran on Student Day [3].

However, human rights activists in Iran have published [2] a report from an eyewitness saying: “All the pictures published by the state media are false and a clear use of immoral means against student and civil activists in Iran.”

Hundreds of Iranian men are now dressed as women in their FaceBook profiles. Here is a YouTube video in support of Majid that has collected some of these photos (begins after 42 seconds).