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Featured Author: Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes-Degadjor

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana, Technology, Blogger Profiles

In August 2009, Maker Faire Africa [1] took place in Accra, Ghana and it attracted builders from all across the world who wanted to showcase their latest inventions. Members of the local internet community also took part by promoting and writing about the festivities, and some even volunteered their time to help out at the event. A blogger, Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes-Degadjor was one of the local Ghanians who assisted, and he became a very valuable resource because of his array of knowledge about his hometown.

Photo of Mac-Jordan taken by Georgia Popplewell. [2]

Photo of Mac-Jordan taken by Georgia Popplewell.

These interactions led to several collaborations, such as the start of his blog on the Maneno [3] platform and he also became an author for Global Voices [4] writing about the Ghanian blogosphere [5].

This video filmed in August 2009 introduces Mac-Jordan, where he talks about his blogs Accra Conscious Forever [6] and Accraboy [7], as well as his active participation on Twitter [8].