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Colombian 3D Animation short film to be released online

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After more than a year's worth of work, two Colombian companies have finished a short animated film and wish to share it with the world through a free online premiere.

Victeria and Globuleo is the retelling of Romeo and Juliet in 3D animation, and it makes their odds even harder since Victeria is a flu virus and Globuleo is a white blood cell: a most impossible love story would be hard to come by.  Los Filmes Videocreation [1] and Vectorial Animation Studios [2], both companies located in Cali, Colombia and a team of additional Colombian talent [3]: animators, scriptwriters, singers, artists and producers came together to make this short movie happen and it is being released online for free today, December 4th.

Following is the trailer for the short [4]:

The short has been promoted through microblogging tool Twitter and you can follow them by adding @Victeria3D [5] to your account. They also have a Facebook page where you can show your support [6].

To view the Spanish language short, you need to visit the Victeria y Globuleo [7] site and sign up for a PIN code which will be requested before you log in to watch the Online Premiere.

On Julian Eduardo Albornoz's blog at El País of Cali newspaper website [8], he wrote about the short:

Después de más de un año de trabajo, en el que participaron 4 animadores y más de 25 personas de apoyo en tareas adicionales como música, ilustración, voces, diseño de personajes o imagen real, entre otras, se obtuvo la versión de 8 minutos que estará disponible para todos aquellos que obtengan sus boletas gratis registrándose en www.victeriayglobuleo.com [7].

Dirección de Alexander Giraldo y Marcial Quiñones, Guión original de Alexander Giraldo.

After more than a year of work, in which 4 animators and more than 25 people gave support in additional tasks such as music, illustration, voice overs, character design, real images, among others, we obtained the 8 minute version that will be available for all those who obtain their free tickets registering at www.victeriayglobuleo.com [7].

Directed by Alexander Giraldo and Marcial Quiñones, original script by Alexander Giraldo.