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Video: Worldwide youth express themselves in 60 seconds

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TheOneMinutesJr Logo [1]

OneMinutesJr Logo

The OneMinutesJr [2] project gives young people between 12 and 20 years of age from many corners of the globe the opportunity to express themselves, speak out and learn audiovisual skills to communicate across borders, languages and distances through 60 second videos.

The OneMinutesJr project results from the joint effort of the European Cultural Foundation [3], the One Minutes Jr. Foundation [4] and Unicef [5], as well as other partner organizations. On their website, you can browse through years’ worth of one minute videos from different countries, some sent in by individuals, others are results from workshops [6]where youth are taught the skills to write, film and edit their ideas.

These short videos portray the concerns, ideas and dreams of youngsters from many different backgrounds, and give us a window into their daily lives. For example, from Poland, Ludmila Kierczak [7] makes a video explaining who she is. To view the video, please click on the image below to go to the OneMinutesJr site [7].

Who am I by Ludmila [7]

In Bangladesh, Mobasshera Tarannum Adiba illustrates a couple of articles from the Convention on the Rights of the Child [8]. In the video, I want Freedom, [9]she touches on Article 12: Children have the right to have their views heard and their voices should be respected and Article 16 which states that every child has the right to privacy.

From Mongolia, Tuvdenjamts (Tuvden) Altankhyag illustrates [10] the right every child has to their own culture:

And in this next video, Simone Tonge from Antigua and Barbuda, exercises her right to freedom of expression in Confessions of a Female Adolescent [11]:

Ibrahim Ide from Niger illustrates the right children have to a family that loves them and protects their rights in With or Without [12]:

For more one minute videos, you can check out the main site for the project at TheOneMinutesJr.org [2]or you can visit the UNICEF One Minutes Jr. Channel on Youtube [13] to see many other 60 second videos created by youth on the topic of Childrens’ Rights.