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China and Japan: Feng Zhenghu at Narita airport

Shanghai human rights activist Feng Zhenhu has been living and waiting in the hall of Japan's Narita airport since November 4 when he was barred from entering his own country by the Shanghai immigration the eighth times.

Feng is an economist and a human rights activist. After the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989, he openly criticized the repression and was under the CCP internal investigation for more than a year. In 1991, he went to Japan to study and in 1998 he returned back to China to do business but was detained by the Shanghai police and sentenced to 3 year imprisonment for illegal publication of an E-book on Shanghai Japanese investment in 2000.

Up till now, the Chinese government has not officially explained why they did not allow Feng's entrance to the country.

Feng refused to enter Japan and told FT's reporter that “For a Chinese to be kidnapped and taken to Japan like this is a humiliation for me and a humiliation for China.” He also refused UN's refugee office's suggestion in “applying political refugee status”. He just wants to go home.


Since November 7, he kept updating his status via google document and he started twitter update on November 12.

Below is a selective translation of his updates:

November 7 – A statement for giving up the Japan working visa

现在,这份2010年6月12日到期的日本工作签证已成为我回国的障碍物,也是中国上海当局利用非法手段禁止我入境回国的 障眼法。利用企业为了经济利益屈服权力的弱点,上海当局可以轻易地要求航空公司拒载或参与非法绑架,不惜一切非法手段将我强行滞留在日本…

Now my Japan visa (expired by 2010 June 12) has become an obstacle for me to return back to my country and it is an excuse for Shanghai authority to forbid my entrance. The Shanghai authority threatened corporate with economic interest and demanded the airline to participate in this illegal abduction.

2009年11月2日我乘全日本航空公司NH0921航班已回国,虽然没有办理入境手续,但已在中国本土,晚上住在上海浦 东机场宾馆。第2天,即11月3日上午约9;45,十几个违法的上海警察又将我强行送至全日本航空公司NH0922航班的停靠处,企图又一次非法“遣送” 一个本国公民去外国。我强烈抗议,他们使用暴力手段将我绑架至飞机上,我竭力抵抗,死守飞机的登机口,与这些绑匪搏斗了近二个小时。最后,全日空航空公司 上海经理饭田屈服于绑匪的威胁,协助他们的暴力绑架行动,四个年轻力壮的便衣警察硬将我拖至机仓底部的座位,全日本航空公司的一位身材高大的上海职员也与 我搏斗,并将我压在座位上,这时我已经筋疲力尽,无力抵抗他们的违法犯罪行为。航班上乘客亲眼目睹他们的暴力绑架场面,飞机也由此延误一个多小时起飞。 我第一次被非法强制遣送回日本,被抛在远离东京的关西机场 …

In Nov 11 2009, I had returned back to my country by taking NH0921. Although I had not entered the immigration, I had checked in the Hotel in Shanghai Putung airport. On the second day (Nov 3) at around 9:45, around a dozen Shanghai police physically forced me to the boarding place of NH0922 and tried to “remove” a citizen to a foreign country. I strongly protest against their violent abduction. I resisted at the entrance of the flight and fought against the kidnappers for two hours. At the end ANA's Shanghai manager, under the threat of the kidnappers, was forced to help the kidnap. 4 young undercover police dragged me to a seat near the end of the plane, a ANA Shanghai staff also help them to push me on the seat. I was so exhausted that I would not resist their criminal act anymore. Other passengers had witnessed the scene and the flight was deferred for more than an hour. This is my first time being forcibly deported to Japan and dumped in Narita Airport away from Tokyo.

2009年11月4日被绑架到日本,至今11月7日没有入境日本,三夜四天住在入境审查大厅,晚上躺在长椅上,白天忍受饥 饿的折磨。日本成田机场出境的大厅及通道上有很多商店及吃食店,还有饮料的自动贩卖机,但是入境大厅及通道什么也没有。我三天仅吃了三个饭团,当我正式向 成田机场出入国管理局的承办官员铃木先生提出,希望他从人道的角度请入管局的职员代我购买几个饭团,但遭到拒绝。而且,我妹妹送来的食品,他们也拒收了。 他们企图通过饥饿的变相虐待方式逼我入境日本,这是不言而明的。但我会坚持下去,因为我清楚,日本官僚并非人道,不仅冷漠,甚至有点残忍。或许,友爱的国 家仅是日本鸠山总理的理想而已。如果这些事发生在中国,中国人决不会这样对待外国人,中国人内斗很残忍,但对外国人总是很客气…

I was kidnapped to Japan airport in Nov 4. Today is Nov 7, I had not entered Japan. For 4 days and 3 nights, I lived in the immigration check in hall. At night I lied on the blench. I suffered from hunger. There are shops and auto selling machine in the exist hall, but there isn't anything in the immigration check in side. In the past 3 days, I only had three roll of rice. I asked the immigration management official to apply humanistic principle and let their staffs to help me to buy some rice rolls. He refused. They even refused to deliver food that my sister bought me. It is obvious that they tried to torture me by means of hunger in order to force me to enter Japan. However, I would insist to carry on. Japanese bureaucrats are inhumane, indifferent and cruel. The so-called friendly country is just an ideal imagination of Japanese Prime Minister. If same thing happened in China, Chinese people would never treat foreigners like this. Chinese people are very cruel towards their own people in internal struggle, but very friendly to foreign guest…

November 14 – Welcome Obama's Visit to Japan and China


美国总统奥巴马昨天访问日本。我又自制了一件英文广告衫,前面的请愿文字:“Chinese citizen has been refused to return to China for eight times.”,背后的文字:“Chinese Human Right 中国人権,回国 帰国 Return to China”…

Yesterday, the U.S President Obama visited Japan, I made an English protest T-shirt. On the front side, it stated: Chinese citizen has been refused to return to China for eight times”, at the back it stated: Chinese Human Right, Return to China…

   2009 年11月15日奥巴马总统访问中国,而且首站是上海。如果奥巴马总统知道一个中国国民八次被上海当局拒绝入境回国的事件,当他见到中国政府或上海领导人 时,应该会问:“您们热烈欢迎我一个外国人,为什么无情地拒绝自己的一个国民回国呢?容纳百川的上海大城市为什么容纳不下自己的一个小小的市民呢?”一个 国民不能回国,外国人无法理解,连普通的中国人都无法相信,强大的中国无法容纳自己的一个国民。

Obama will visit China on 15 November 2009 and his first stop is Shanghai. If Obama knows that a Chinese citizen has been refused entrance to his own country for eight times, then when he has the chance to meet Chinese government or Shanghai authorities, he would ask: Why you welcome a foreigner so whole-heartedly but refuse your own citizen to return? A city as big as Shanghai, how comes it cannot allow a citizen to stay?” Foreigner will not be able to understand why a citizen cannot return back to his own country. Even ordinary Chinese people could not believe that a strong China cannot accept her own citizen.

November 18 – Feng ZhengHu's twitter

有 人说,我一个在进行一场为争取中国公民回国权的战争。但是,我觉得,我背后始终有强大的中国民众。当我处于饥饿的绝境时,中国国内、香港民众以及海外华人 纷纷向我空运食品;当我处于电脑无法上网的封闭困境中,一些不相识的国内网络专家主动提供技术支持,帮助我建立并编辑推特,我可以通过手机邮件中转的方 式,及时报道我的实况,让国内民众知道事件真相及我每天在日本国门外的流浪生活。

Some people say that I am battling for citizen's right to return back to China by myself, but I know that many Chinese people are behind me. When I was hungry and desperate, many Chinese from mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas delivered food to me. When I was cut from internet connection, some Internet experts from mainland China gave me technical support and help me to build a twitter account. Now I can use my mobile phone to update my status and let people from mainland China to know what's going on here.

 November 18


我 的答复:“首先我感谢联合国难民机构对我的关心。但是,我不考虑申请难民。因为我有自己的国家,中国是我的祖国。我是中国人,是中国的知识分子,我应该对 中国负有责任。现在,我需要回国,这是中国人最基本的人权。中国当局不让中国国民回国的行为,不仅违反联合国宪章、国际人权条约,也违反中国宪法法律。中 国政府至今没有宣布不让我回国。我知道,在中国有许多许多的苦难,但我还是愿意留在中国。中国难民越来越少,中国就会变得越来越好。”

My reply: “First of all I want to express my gratitude towards the United Nation refugee organization. But I will not consider to apply for refugee status because I have my own country. China is my mother country. I am a Chinese and a Chinese intellectual. I should be responsible for China. Now I need to return to my country and this is the basic human right. The Chinese authority's act in barring off citizens from returning back to their own country not only violates the United Nation's constitution, the International Human Right Convention, it also violates Chinese Constitution. The Chinese government has not made any official statement about my exile yet. I know we have a lot of sufferings in China, but I still want to stay there. The lesser Chinese refugee China has, the better China will become.”

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