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Iran: Art in Protest

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Mir Hussein Mousavi [1], one of Iran's opposition leaders, recently mentioned [2] in a video interview that the artistic creativity of the ‘green’ protest movement [3] since the June 12 presidential election has been unique in Iran's history. Iranian artists and even non-Iranian have been inspired by the resistance movement of Iranians and have used their talent to create designs, posters, animations and video clips to express their hope and anger.

Here is a collection of “green” movement paintings created by Soheil Tavakoli, an Iranian artist based in the United States:

Hamed Pourabedin created [4]another piece of art on his Facebook page: Oxygen for Iran


As Iranian protesters prepare [5] forĀ  yet another demonstration on December 4, the Day of University Students (16th of Azar), they have created dozens of posters.

On green 16th of Azar we get our Iran back
“On green 16th of Azar, we get our Iran back”

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