Egypt: German Justice for Marwa El Sherbini

Finally, justice has been served in the case of Marwa El-Sherbini, the Egyptian woman who was stabbed to death inside a German courthouse by a Russian-German immigrant. After nearly four and a half months, Alex Wiens has been sentenced to life imprisonment, without a possibility for early release.

Bikya Misr, wrote about the case:

After nearly four and a half months, the Marwa el-Sherbini saga has come to a conclusion of sorts after a German court sentenced the man who stabbed the “veiled martyr” 17 times inside the court in July to life in prison without possibility of early release. Egyptians, Arabs and Germans alike have welcomed the verdict and hope Europe and the Middle East can begin to heal the wounds of the killing and move “toward a better future.”

Hicham Maged wrote about how glad he is for the ruling, and that he has real trust in the German justice system:

The judge was aware about various tricks from the killer's defence team and here I quote the words according to this article: “ He killed … not out of fear but out of revenge. He consciously exploited her innocence and defencelessness. ” I agree with this and do not forget that he also tried to kill her husband.
I am glad that the courtroom where betrayal took place has been washed up physically and morally by applying justice. Consequently, my trust in the German justice system was needless to mention because this crime was shocking for all of us not only Germans. For that matter, only today Marwa and her unborn baby can rest in peace after compensating from the killer.

Zeinobia was happy with the verdict, and she also wrote in response to those who believed that it is a political verdict, and that the German court ruled in favour of Marwa in order to please the Egyptians, and Arabs:

Now I want to say something, some racists “and they are not few in the world now”, will say that this is a political verdict ; the court had to take to win the hearts and minds of Muslims around the world and to save the German interests is the Islamic world.
Well with my all respect I said it before and will say it again; do not think of Marwa as a Muslim woman; think of her as a Pregnant woman and a mother who was brutally stabbed 18 times in front of her little boy. He killed two souls, innocent souls because of blind hate and racism. He deserves to be behind bars for the rest of his life for taking the life of innocent souls and take the life of a mother from her child

Aam Mina on the other hand wrote a post, making fun of those who believe in conspiracy theories and were expecting the Germans to rule in favour of the murderer:

مش عارف ليه من ساعة الجكم مش سامعين صوت الناس اللي فلقتنا وقت الحادث عن عنصرية الألمان و كرههم للعرب و المسلمين و عن إن القضية هتتظبط و الراجل هياخدله سنة أو سنتين و خلاص و انه الحل الوحيد هو الجهاد و محاربة الغرب الصهيوني الفاسد العلماني الكافر
I don't know why, since the announcement of the verdict, I haven't heard any of those who kept on talking about the Germans and how racist they are, and that they hate Arabs and Muslims. They also claimed that the court will rule in favour of the murderer and he will be imprisoned for a year or two only, and that our only hope is to declare sacred war against the secular, rotten, Zionist, and infidel West.

He then wrote about many the lessons we are supposed to learn from this incident:

دي بعض الدروس المستفادة من الغرب الكافر
١- سرعة العدالة.. جريمة القتل تمت في يوليو ٢٠٠٩ يعني من حوالي ٤ شهور.. ماحتاجناش ٢٠ سنة دراسة للقضية زي ما بيحصل عندنا
٢- عدالة الحكم.. تم تطبيق أقصي عقوبة علي المتهم و هي المؤبد (عقوبة الإعدام غير معمول بيها في القانون الألماني) من دون التمييز ما بين مسلم و مسيحي أو عربي و ألماني.. الكل سواسية أمام القانون
Here you are some lessons we have to learn form the infidel West:
1. Serving justice soon: The murder took place in July 2009, i.e. about 4 months ago, and it didn't take them 20 years to study the case, like what happens here.
2. Justice itself: The murderer received a maximum penalty – execution is not available in the German law – without any discrimination between a Muslim, or Christian, an Arab or German. They are all equal in front of law.

Finally, Hicham Maged wrote:

What happened to Marwa should be a ‘wake-up’ call that make people work for achieving this both by criticising extreme actions taken against people because of their faith or race and understanding our differences and this simply means to quite stereotyping from whoever against whoever.


  • kactuz

    What, no comments? Over 150 in the previous story about this vile thing.

    Of course, now that Germany has condemned this man there is nothing to say, but maybe an apology is in order.

    It is all about outrage, isn’t it. A Muslims was murdered by an infidel so it proves that the West is racist and evil.

    Of course, Muslims don’t really care about Marwa, only the outrage. There are been dozens of Muslims murdered this month by Muslims terrorists and nobody cares.

    As I asked a few weks ago here, what about the vile people in Pakistan that burned the Christians alive in their church? Have they been condemned. Stupid question.


  • kactuz,

    It was not about outrage: it was about the way this happened within an unexpected place; a court!

    I am neither for generalizing nor for extreme actions regarding whatsoever, so assuptions like \West is racist and evil\ or \Islam is Evil\ means nothing but bigoty from any side.

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