Kyrgyzstan: Satanized

Shairbek Zhusuev, leader of political party ErK (Erkin Kyrgyzstan – transl. Free Kyrgyzstan), shocked many Kyrgyzstanis stating that the capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek city has been satanized for many years, as it has a big sign symbolizing demonolatry. Zhusuev says that he found out about it while surfing Google Earths and learning Bishkek from high up. According to him, Panfilov park located in the heart of Bishkek, next to the Parliament and White House, was built in a form of Pentacle (aka Pentagram) widely used as a religious symbol by Satanists. quotes Zhusuev saying [ru]:

I came accross very interesting picture – the park after Panfilov from high up represented pentagonal geometric figure known as a pentagram: a sign of Satan or also known as the “Sigil of Baphomet” – the official symbol of the Church of Satan. It is absurd to say that the pentacle accidentally appeared on the map of the city or it is simply the star of the USSR. Since the figure has a perfect proportion of angles to the poles of the Earth.

Leader of ErK Shairbek Zhusuev thinks it is high time to clear Bishkek from such religious symbols, as they are not traditional religions of Kyrgyzstan. Prior to Zhusuev, the party ErK was headed by Tursunbai Bakir uulu, former ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan, who is well known for his pro-Islamic public statements. It was Tursunbai Bakir uulu, head of Muslims Union of Kyrgyzsan and member of ErK, who earlier this year burned down Israel's flag in the center of Bishkek as a form of protest against Israeli actions in Gaza sector.

Kyrgyz internet users started actively discussing the news about the biggest Satan symbol in Bishkek. Users of internet forum Diesel are the most active in debating over this topic.

Alx. says pentacle is a common symbol and does not necessarily mean religion [ru]:

It is difficult to comment on this nonsense. They [party members] do not have anything else to do! Such satanic symbols are on the shoulder straps of each policemen. And the fact about the perfect corners – it is just the easiest way to draw a star. It is unequivocally the legacy of the Soviet era. accuses the party leader of not working on more serious issues, but glad that he is a computer literate [ru]:

I think the leader of the Erk party to has to do nothing else… I am glad that the party members are learning the computer literacy and Google Maps, instead of spending time playing computer solitaire and surfing porn sites.

Don.Speekenglish thinks that Shairbek Zhusuev must better learn the history of Bishkek city [ru]:

Mr. Zhusuev apparently is not aware that this park was originally called “Star”. The park was named after Panfilov after the World War II.

CAJAX! ironises the situation with interesting fact [ru]:

By the way! The Ferris Wheel in the park is called the Satan's Wheel (Rus. Чертово колесо). It explains everything! Thats why the park attracts kids and youth – people with a fragile psychology. Elite houses with swimming pools and a casino [in parks territory] in staggered order will correct the situation.

Talking about symbols. Kyrgyzstan is still full of visible Soviet era symbols and signs, including pentagram stars, statues of Lenin, hammer and sickle symbols, etc.

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