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4 November 2009

Stories from 4 November 2009

Panama: The Lost Act of Patriotism During National Holidays

Peru: Demolition of Municipal Building in Iquitos

Latin America: The Rapid Spread of Desertification

Conversations for a Better World

Desertification is silently but rapidly spreading around the world and Latin America is not escaping its devastating effects. While deserts are natural formations, desertification is a process of degradation of...

Bhutan: Exam Is A Torture

Morocco: Touring the Moroccan Foodscape

Ask anyone who's never been what they know about Morocco, and it's likely that one of the first words out of their mouth will be "couscous." The seminal Moroccan dish...

Nepal: A Cabinet Meeting At Mount Everest

Sri Lanka: Blogger Arrested?

The Bhutan Times Affairs

Pakistan: South Waziristan- A Different Exodus

The operation against the Taliban in South Waziristan has triggered a wave of retaliations by the Taliban and has forced over 120,000 locals to flee from their houses. Bloggers discuss...

Trinidad & Tobago: Political Meeting

Bermuda: Key Reports

Trinidad & Tobago: “Solo” Mio

Bermuda: The Sound of Music

Barbados: Whipping Boy

Thailand: Inside a Bangkok prison

Gary Graeme Jones is a prisoner in Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand’s high security prison for men. Gary’s letters and reports are published on a blog by his supporters. This blog...

Iran: People trampling on Khamenei's picture

Iran: Guards attacking people

Iran: Karoubi, an opposition leader among protesters

Iran: Protest continues

Iran: Security forces attacked protesters


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