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Hungary: 1956

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Hungary, Freedom of Speech, Governance, History, Human Rights, International Relations, Law, Media & Journalism, Politics, Protest

Hungarian Spectrum writes [1] about an online collection of testimony [2] (HUN) on the events of 1956, which “helped the western powers understand the Hungarian situation, not just events that occurred during the revolution but more importantly the reasons for the outbreak of the uprising.” Remainder of Budapest wrote this [3] on the eve of this year's anniversary of the 1956 revolution: “Some articles have already debated if there would be any kind of riot this year, because since 2006 [4] each national holiday was a potential source of danger, the political situation was so tense, that I don’t really believe Hungarian authorities were ever able to guess in the last years, if they would have to use tear gas the next time or not…”