Georgia: Andy Garcia's starring role

Tbilisi's Blog – News, Events, Comments… reports that U.S. actor Andy Garcia has arrived in Georgia. The Hollywood star might play Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in a film on last year's August war with Russia.


  • rick rhodes

    Does Andy Garcia know that he’s playing the role of a war criminal?

    Just curious.

    • Sofia

      Do you know that accusing someone in war crimes without any proofs is simply called bullshitting around!
      So don’t say think, I am sure you will never be able to prove..
      And Andy Garsia knows much more of Georgia for now than you in ur lifetime would have found out, he is talanted actor and performed perfectly today!
      And I am sure movie will have big success, even though brainwashed people like you would not be too much satisfied..
      And It’s also very good that Emir Kusturica refused Russian offer to create another Propagandistic stupidity in Russian taste!

      • rick rhodes

        Obviously you didn’t read the EU Commission report.

        [JURIST] Georgia violated international law when it shelled the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali in August 2008 and began the five day war, according to a report [materials] released Wednesday by a European Union-backed commission – The Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia.
        That’s a war crime. Saakashvili should be in the Hague.

    • fishmole2

      More Zionist propaganda trying to re-create factual history with Jew-owned Hollywood. Promoting war criminals such as Saakashvili into heros… Utter Bullshit.

  • The scenes of the Renny Harlin`s film on Georgia-Russia War in August 2008 will be shot outside the Georgian parliament today. Anyone who passes by the building of the legislative government will be able to see how Andy Garcia plays the role of Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, how he works before the camera and how they shoot films in Hollywood.
    The preparatory works were underway until late last night outside the parliament. The large-scale scene by Andy Garcia describes the episode of August 12 2008, when the presidents of Georgia and five other European states addressed the world to stop the Russian aggression against the post-Soviet country.
    Anyone who attends the shootings may be caught by the camera of the filmmakers.

  • Tracy

    I am hoping that he will be accurate as to what really happened over there and not glorify Saakashvili for a possible/questionable American political agenda?

  • Sofia

    I guess you read the part of the report you wanted to.. If you read entire document it also says that it was Russia who has provoked the conflict and Russia again committing internationally wrongful act by occupying Georgia!
    Georgias’ actions were caused by neccessity of protecting its civilians from ongoing fire since August 5th, Georgia only replyed on 7th. Any government has responsibility to secure its people, and Georgian civilians in TSkhinvali regaion were under every day attack. This is called provocation by terminology of Eu commission , but death of 14 people and injury of far more can not only be called provocation! The influence of Russian millions is still felt on report.
    Also Georgia has filled an application against Russia at ICJ, hopefully ICJ will be more objective. And since the submittion part is over, meaning ICJ considered evidence presented by Georgian side truthful enough to condemn Russia in genocide of Georgian civilians in Tskhinvali and in Abkhazia in 1990’s.
    For people like you and for some people, of course it’s far easier to condemn leader of a small nation, than see the reality. Europe will not critisize Russia even if it has killed every single of Georgians in row, just because Europe is still dependent on Russian energy. I guess energy is far higher value for some people than the fate of civilians!
    Only war criminal of 21st century is Vladimir Putin! Before WWII started lot many countries also were afraid to angry Hitler, that’s why they closed eyes on many things, today you are closing eyey on occupation of Georgia, of course you wouldn’t care what will happen to Georgians, of course the fact that even today Georgian civilians get abused , tortured, killed by Russian occupants, means nothing to you. But i am sure in nearest future if some people continue to be afraid of truth , It will concern you too. Russia will not stiop on occupationg of Georgia, next will be you. MAybe by that time you’ll understand what we Georgians stand for!

    P.S. Unless you are Ruissian of course, because if you are, its quite different story, being brainwashed is not a new thing inn RUS!

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