Japan: Reactions to Tokyo's Olympic Bid (Part Two)

What does the Japanese blogosphere and Twitterverse have to say about Tokyo's bid to host the 2016 Olympics? Part Two introduces some reactions after Rio won the bid. (See Part One for pre-announcement reactions.)

Tokyo tower olympic lighting by Flickr user yoheiyamashita

Tokyo tower olympic lighting by Flickr user yoheiyamashita

TomokoHosaka went to see the Tokyo Tower light up in Olympic colors:

Just got back from Olympics party at Tokyo Tower. Nobody seemed too surprised or disappointed at loss.

misty909 tweeted:


Tokyo lost the bid. Well, it's only natural considering everyone's disinterest in it.

moblogjp refers to 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan:


Hmmm, Tokyo lost the bid. Good or bad, I wanted to experience the Olympics in my own town. Oh well, we had the World Cup so it's all right.

CO__CO tweeted:


Watching my Twitter timeline go crazy with news about Tokyo losing the bid makes me think “Ah, so the Japanese do give a damn about the Olympics after all!” Of course, I'm one of them. Hehe!

unisindo tweeted:


The amount of tax money used for the Olympics is incredible. And think about the panic over transportation and accommodation, having to secure safety for everybody, and over a long period at that! From an athlete's point of view, I think a Japanese Olympics is the safest, the least worrying and the most delicious.

taninon is thankful for the opportunity to enjoy the giant Gundam statue in Odaiba:


We got to see that life-size Gundam because of the Olympic bid so I'd call it a meaningful venture.

tatsuta3 is practical:


I haven't been feeling well. And we didn't win the bid….. Rio de Janeiro means sleepless nights, you know. It's bad for the skin!

koichiro516 comments on the television coverage:


People on the streets are saying “It's too bad, I wanted to see the Olympics”. Why didn't they go to Beijing last year? It's less costly than a brand new stadium in the Tokyo waterfront subcenter!

Kigyo Hiroshi is wistful:


If Tokyo hosted the Olympics in 2016, it would be extremely memorable for the children who watched the games.

For example, if an eight year old watched the Tokyo Olympics in 2016 and admired the athletes… what would happen when that child became an adult? It's sure to have a very positive effect.

Don't you love the atmosphere of the Olympics that you feel through the television screen? If we could watch that live, here in Japan…. that would have been so good.

Shimizu Shuichi looks forward to a successful Olympics in Rio:




Take the Japanese economy. Even if the Olympics aren't held in Tokyo, it'll be a great advantage for us if the Olympics succeed in Rio. We don't have time to be saying “it's too bad we didn't win the bid”! We should be leveraging Japanese technology by helping to establish infrastructure and export our technology towards a successful Olympics in Rio. There will be a great demand for it over the next eight years.

There's no doubt that South America's economic development would mean an excellent export destination for Japan.

In 2016, the first Olympics will be held in South America. I look forward to the Olympics itself but as a businessman, the economic benefits for South America are very exciting for me.

Half in jest, Hiroshi Yamaguchi asks what comes next:



If you think about it, the Olympics itself isn't a very eco-conscious event. Well then, let's forget about the Olympics and concentrate solely on the environment. Not just because we have a new government that was opposed to hosting the Olympics in the first place but because “2016 Tokyo Olympics is a present for the Earth's future”.

Just because Tokyo didn't get the Olympics doesn't mean no present for the Earth, right?

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