5 October 2009

Stories from 5 October 2009

Morocco: Arabisk Results

Arabic blogging contest Arabisk drew to a close with the announcement of the top three winners. The first place went to Tech World, the second to group blog Nibras Chabab, and the third to UAE blogger Osama Al Zubaidi.

Saudi Arabia: Jeddah Girl

Remember the Qatif Girl‘s story? Saudi Jeans now tells us about the plight of Jeddah Girl, who was gang raped – and then sentenced to a year in jail and 100 lashes for getting herself raped and the resulting pregnancy.

Georgia: An Azeri Wedding

  5 October 2009

Last weekend Global Voices Online's Caucasus Editor and an Azerbaijani blogger visited the ethnic Azeri village of Karajala in Georgia. The visit marked the first time two bloggers on Armenia and Azerbaijan worked together in the South Caucasus.

Barbados: Death by Bullying

  5 October 2009

“We need to reinforce to the powers that be the need to devise some kind of policy or rules to stamp out these violent acts in schools”: Cheese-on-bread! blogs about the untimely death of a Barbadian schoolboy as a result of bullying.

Japan: Rubbish sculpture

  5 October 2009

An Englishman in Osaka posted pictures of a fish sculpture made of a load of rubbish collected from the Yodogawa and Osaka Bay.