Indonesia: Thousands still trapped under rubble

More than 3,000 people are still trapped under rubble days after a 7.6-magnitude quake struck Indonesia. The epicenter of the September 30 quake was located 45 km WNW of Padang, Sumatera, and 220 km SW of Pekanbaru, Sumatera. Sumatera is one of the five main islands of Indonesia.

Indonesian bloggers are reacting to the latest earthquake disaster which killed at least 1,000 people in the country. Trimaxs learned that a friend’s family lost their homes in Padang

I hear the sadness in my best friend’s voice when she called me and said that all her families lost their homes. But thankfully, everyone is safe and alive.

Hardship Posting writes that “earthquake season is upon us.”

Earthquake season is upon us, three earthquakes in two days in Sumatra with sceptics starting to say that a “biggie” is on it's way! Meanwhile in Sulawesi two earthquakes struck yesterday.

In Padang, there are already chronic shortages of surgeons, medicine and electricity which are affecting the operations of hospitals. At least nine government buildings were also destroyed

The National Disaster Management Agency reported on its Web site that at least nine government offices, including the City Hall, Provincial Legislative Council and the Central Bank, in Padang were heavily damaged along with school buildings, shopping centers, markets, office buildings, hotels and a mosque.

Visionerial probes the link between the Indonesian and Samoan earthquakes:

American Samoa and Indonesia, the victims of two earthquakes in 24 hours, both lie on the so-called Ring of Fire…So why might the Samoan and Indonesian quakes be linked? The epicentres of these earthquakes both lie near to the edge of the Australian plate, about 4,000 miles apart. It seems plausible that one movement of the Australian plate caused both earthquakes.

…there has been an upsurge in seismic activity in the Indonesian faultline since the 2004 Asian tsunami – and recent earthquakes in that region have only added to the likelihood of further disasters.

Music of My Life is relieved to learn that an uncle who is living in Sumatera is safe

My family feels very grateful that my uncle who is currently located in Southern Sumatera has survived this terrible incident. But many, many others weren't that lucky.

It's really heartbreaking to see the news right now. There are a lot of people still trapped in the ruins, including educational buildings. Many parents are still seeking for their children in the hope to find them alive…

Earthquake in Padang. From Twitter user Marcellodecaran

Earthquake in Padang. From Twitter user Marcellodecaran

What's New Jakarta? asserts that the number of casualties could have been reduced if there is a stringent building code in Indonesia:

There is no doubt that a significant proportion of deaths and injuries from earthquakes in Indonesia could be avoided if building codes were more stringent. In light of this unfolding tragedy, and past earthquakes such as in Yogyakarta and given the likelihood of earthquakes continuing to occur in Indonesia in the future, we do believe that stronger building regulations need to be enforced, especially in the construction of public buildings, office towers, shopping malls, hotels etc. Developers who construct buildings which are sub-standard and which cause injury or death during earthquakes, should be held accountable by law

Spruiked identifies the people and agencies which should be blamed for the high earthquake death toll

There's this “thing” in the TwIndoVerse going around right now. Don't point the finger. Stop blaming people for the disaster in Padang. I have a problem with that because there are clearly a LOT of people to blame:

* the local and central governments who have ignored the experts’ warnings about the earthquake risk since 2004

* the developers and builders for the shoddy structures they built, collapsing like a souffle

* the people of Indonesia, if we let this happen again.

Contrary to public belief, people do not have to die in an earthquake. We let them die. If we do not make this pathetic excuse of a government take responsibility for their corruption and ineptitude, then when the next one hits — and it will — we only have ourselves to blame.

Twitter reactions to the earthquake disaster:

dnessya: GARAGE SALE:RAISE FUND for EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS. All Personal Sales will go to aid the victims.PLEASE JOIN
wawanz: Last night mom confirmed that our relatives in Padang are ok.. Phewww..
patriciadominic: The rescue team refuses to help those of Chinese background in Padang unless they pay up. Racism at it’s best
ShafiqPontoh: RT @gusgoose: Needed in Padang post-quake: small- to mid-size water filter. Preferrably non-electric. Anyone can donate this?
Kebo: RIP, ɑ victim from Padang's earthquake, ɑ beloved and loving friend, Arif Cundikiawan. Rest in Peace bro, you'll be in our hearts forever.
charlline: Watching tv one while crying hear the victims of padang earthquake
noranbakrie: have collecting news since this morning about my jambi relatives, they are all okay, post-earthquake. phew. thank you god.
methanoor: earthquake 7.6sR in my home 2 days ago.. huvb huvb,, i hope all of my friend and my family safe, , ,

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