Guinea-Conakry: 58 Killed By Army

International news sites, French radio [fr], BBC Africa, Twitter [fr], journalists, NGOs and political leaders report of on armed forces shooting on unarmed crowd in Conakry, Guinea capital, today on sept.28th a number of 58 protesters, wonded or dead, were evacuated to the main hospital in Conakry. The crowd was attending a rally called by the opposition group “Coalition des forces vives” .


  • mijakmiaper

    I blame the demonstrators who demonstrated against captain Moussa Dadis Camera who is the citizen of the same Guinea and have equal right to deserves whatever Guineans should deserve. Camera, should not be forbidden to run for next year elections although he has used shortcut to be president. I thought the Guinean people are intelligence to eliminante him out through election manners by giving him no vote at all. But what he did was unfaithfull to God and it has been condemned.
    May good Lord receive their souls in peace, Amen.
    by Dan Mijak

    • Lisa

      You’re obviously being paid by the Guinean government. Wow, you’re a terrible human being DAN MIJAK. Dadis does NOT have the right to run for Presidency because he already PROMISED Guinea he would set up fair elections within 2 months, then next year, now he’s going to rig elections and name himself “president” and rein for 20 years just like Lansana Conte. Dadis deserves to die for what he allowed his military forces to do to that unarmed innocent crowd, exercising their democratic right as human beings to contest a CORRUPT and EVIL “temporary” military government.

  • Yasmine

    In response to Dan Mijak. I think your comment is extremely naive. The people of Guinea are very intelligent and that’s the reason why the chose to protest. Dadis Camara first said he would not be a candidate at the elections, now he says he will be, how says he won’t cheat his way to get what he wants. Actually, that is exactly what is going to happen. Just watch.
    Besides, I am fed up with people around the world thinking that us Africans are not “intelligent” or “smart” enough to understand politics and the game of it. If you had been to an African country, you would have noticed how the people, even and especially those in the streets are very savy about politics and other societal issues.
    The people of Guinea have suffered through dictators and are fed up. They are striving hard to take their destiny into their hands and I salute that. It is very commendable.
    Although I am not Guinean, I share this struggle with them and encourage to never loose courage for this cause they are fighting for. Fight for your children so that one day they can enjoy the riches that God has given your beautiful country and people.


  • I am very sorry for the death of those who got killed in Guinea Conakry, but, Guineans should know that the junta leader has his right as a Guinean to declare or be an elected President of that country.Let the people make their decition through the ballet and not allowing politicians sitting in mansions around the country and other parts of the world causing the poor and innocent died because of their self reasons.Cap.Camara stand your ground as a guinean with your right to run for the coming elections,but,please do not kill the armless people get to the trouble makers and soltout things with them for the betterment of your country.

    • Mr. T

      This is absurd! Do you really know the meaning of a Junta? Are you telling us we should accept to be oppressed again? If he forced himself into power, do you to think he will be listening to his people? You must be either very naive or inconsiderate of the suffering of our people.

  • Seny

    I really don’t know what is happening in Guinea who the hell the military think they are are. Moussa Daddis is he an Guinness or not because if he was., I don’t think he could do such a think to his own country. This is really a barbare and salvage way of expressing his power over the people. he is just sowing that he doesn’t have any education and experience at all in term of ruling the country.

  • Ahmed

    I think that the United Nation should do something about this whole think before it gets worse. They should help the population because they have been trough a lot and think about how poor is the country.

  • Odi

    My fellow Guinean the struggle for our freedom has just begin. History has proved that the libation of freedom must be sometimes be quaffed in blood.The blood of the uncountable brothers and sisters quaffed in this liberation shall never be in vain, though the struggle for our freedom may be long and gloomy, but behind the cloud of suffering and disappiontment loom the rays of hopes and success on the distant horizon. So long as we are undaunted and are determined to be a free people, the fire of freedom shall never be extinguished from our hearts. We shall march forward towards our national emancipation. So long as we refuse to believe that we are doomed to be serfs and peons of the military, we shall be free.

    We unanimously call upon the United nations, Africa Union, Ecowas to redeem us from the obloquy of our slanderers and the rapacity of our exploiters by indicting Dadis camara and his men to international court of law. they killed innocent civilians in cold blood, Rape women in broad day light, steal valuables and vandalise homes, shops and ware houses, what investigation are you still waiting for, do you want to feel another remorse as to what happen in kagali, are you listening to the fake tears of Dadis who is 24 hours under drug, who said to international radios that he has no control of his own army? tomorrow may be late you must act now.

    Fellow Guinean enough is enough, for 50 years we have been fooled by our dictator leaders, this is the time or never, we are tired of genuflecting Dadis, a shameless stooges, servile stool-pigeon, mercenary traitor, unemployed spiv, a professional sycophant and a nincompoop who doesn’t have a home training with no manner of approach. It is we, our voices which will remove Dadis from power, what are we waiting for, arise! arise!! arise!!! o compatriot, the blood of our fallen heros shall never be in Vain. Dadis must go and now talkless of ever dreaming of contesting an election.

    Long live Repulic of Guinea

    BY Odi

    • Mary

      Wow !!!You are very elequent. I am an American who stayed in Conakry for 4 months in 1999. Your people are too intelligent to be offered no hope,education and understanding from the world communities. I love you all..

      God be with you..


  • Tom

    What is the current situation. Are killings contineing? Will embasseys be evacuated?

  • hello to all over the world to all my family guinea i will one day come and role guinea with peace and love is what we need in that country my name is muhamed lamarana barry live in ghana accra thank u

  • i love my people oh allah help us out of this trouble bring for us peace in the name of muhhamad amin thank u for any one who read this coment

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