World: Tweeting Gaddafi's Address to the United Nations

Muammar Gaddafi In his first address to the United Nations General Assembly, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi more than made up for lost time. His speech trailed on for six times the allotted slot, as world leaders laughed and yawned.

Speaking at the United Nations headquarters in New York, the self-proclaimed King of Kings, who has ruled Libya for almost 40 years, spoke for around 100 minutes. Topics he covered ranged from criticising the UN structure to providing his take on the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan to discussing swine flu to hoping that US President Barack Obama would remain president forever… to calling for an investigation into the assassination of JFK.

Gaddafi, whose travels abroad attract a lot of media coverage because of his eccentric mannerism and his insistence to live in a tent, made a wave on Twitter. In New York, he pitched his tent on property which belongs to real estate tycoon Donald Trump – a plan which was aborted after neighbours complained. Reactions to this address ranged from calling the Libyan strongman a ‘fruitcake’ to sympathising with his stance on a number of international issues.

Many Twitter users gave Gaddafi high points for entertainment.

ThomasRon notes:


New Yorker Kalimark is amused with the media attention:


Laura Quinny found the speech entertaining:


Bobonbusiness is confused about the way Gaddafi spells his name and wonders:


And Matt Cundill adds:


Meanwhile Zuzf wants more:


And Chickyog is hoping for Libyan oil:


Meanwhile, @bigajm notes how we have all become conditioned by mainstream media. He quips:


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  • Robert

    I take it that many American peons are just as brainless as the propagandists hope. No one thinks it is at all strange that every news source has focused on mocking him? No one thinks it is strange how every time an important issue (or viewpoint that has not been approved by our propagandists) comes up, the only view that one can get from the media is mocking?
    Some of us are sick of propaganda. Some of us don’t care what his outfit looks like or whether not he is attractive by Western standards. I want to read a transcript of the speech that was translated properly. Good luck finding that in the land of the free press! I want to know what he says. Criticizing a man who wrote his own speech because it was on the wrong type of paper is just about as foolish as drooling over politicians who can’t even say their own name without it being delivered to them via teleprompter.
    It is because of the simple minded that our country is in trouble! The sheeplike people are herded by propaganda towards a future of slavery. I am so disgusted!

      • unpredictable_mortal

        That’s the media to all of us these days… hail the knowledge of damnation!!! The world is getting stupider and stupider as days go by and who are we to point fingers?

        From the show ‘Lions for Lambs’, I found a saying rather interesting… ‘professors are not teachers, they are salesmen’, same as the media, they are not there for the truth, but to provide what we want and like to hear.. a.k.a mockery of others, the failure of others, the incompetency of others, so on and so forth, the media can name their agenda for themselves, and we sit and listen!

  • El desalmado

    wow, valla neutralidad de GVO
    estan igual que CNN

  • Abdu

    The World and your own people are tired of you Mr. Gadaffi. do not pretend to be a good guy who realy, realy care what the rest of the world is going through.
    do us a favour, you time is up, step down and get lost.
    one more thing, please do not pass your power to your son! your people deserve Democracy and i’m sure there are a lot intelegent people who can run your country much better than you did!

  • azmat


    Thank you so much for standing up for the truth. Gadaffi and leaders like him do not deserve a world stage to show their disregard for democracy. Unfortunately people like him consider power and control (supression) over people as a God given right. And I hope people like you can help change the rule of dictatorship to democracy in the muslim world.

  • waseem

    dear all
    kindly correct yourself, no doubt Colonel Qadffi made a long speech but kindly pay heed to the content of the speech. he raised those issues which are to be addressed.if you are taking that he is a dictator than what. the Libiyan have no objections than why are you crying people are just jealous of the oil reserves that libya has.

  • Nantas Sodano

    “Many Twitter users gave Gaddafi high points for entertainment.”
    This statement alone says it all. This UN address by Gaddafi was part of exposing to people the big picture, beginning to shed light on certain things and being tired of constant oppression whether by way of force or, mental control by sites like Twitter, etc… The man was far from entertaining, if anything he is trying to revolutionize the way we approach situations in modern society. Everything he said was well documented and cited. HISTORY is inevitable, if only we could learn from it maybe we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. It all boils down to economics, once you can begin to understand the leverage that exists today you can begin to see why things go the way they do.
    GREED. This is what we have become accustomed to.

    Not only that but also a complete buffering of our intellect whether it is by way of GOD, or by way of mass media propaganda that convinces us to believe whatever is proposed, and the creation of stereotyping people such as Gaddafi, etc… Instead of learning we ridicule and criticize. It is easy to criticize people. If any of you are aware of the mass curtain that he pulled off you would soon realize what a terrible world we have come to live in. Instead of criticizing and twittering nonsense, spend some time on coming up with solutions. Accountability, humility, and equality should be taught in this country. Not to mention the lack of ability to understand foreign relations.

  • Libyan people loves Gaddafi, that is why he is the leader for 41 years, they are suppoet him and they allways in his side, Libyans knows what is the best for them, Gaddafi allways supports Islam world and arab nation,

    شات هدرزة
    شات ليبي

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