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Indonesia: Most wanted man confirmed dead

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On Thursday morning, the Indonesian Anti-Terrorism Special Unit Densus 88 was reported to be in the middle of shoot-out with a small Islamic hardliner group at the outskirt of Solo, Central Java. Ono of the men involved in the incident was identified as Noordin M. Top, Indonesia's most wanted man.

Top and four of his accomplices died after 9 hours of shootout.

The National Chief Police, Police General Bambang Hendarso Danuri said [1] [id] that there are 14 points on the militant's fingers that matched with the police record. Danuri also said that the success of the raid was a blessing during the holy month of Ramadan.

The twitterers cheered the accomplishment:

@noorfitriani says "Go to hell Noordin M Top, enjoy your hell you've created for yourself." [2]

Breaking the fast together with the reporters at the Presidential Palace, President Yudhoyono said that he extends his highest regards to the Police and Detachment 88 for their hard work in fighting terrorism.

The president also said that the country should remain vigilant, because despite of Noordin's death the terrorist cells he created are still eluding capture [3] [id], therefore the world needs to join hands in combating the roots of extremism and terrorism [4].