Pakistan: Do Not Link Us With Afghanistan

“Whenever Pakistan is linked with Afghanistan, Islamabad reacts sharply and angrily because Pakistanis have been leading the fight against the Taliban on their own, unlike Afghanistan where Americans and NATO forces are fighting the Taliban,” comments Bilal Qureshi at Pak Tea House while discussing President Zardari's reactions on US President Obama’s new Afghanistan strategy.


  • sikander

    Pakistan is in a fight for its soul. Things are not as black and white as sometimes made out to be and terror does not just come in green colour.

  • ratee

    Pakistan has accomplished more with much more success on the ground since 2007 than the Nato forces have done since 2001 in Afghanistan.

    The difference being that its forces are not seen as an occupying force as Nato forces seem to be.

    Secondly this so-called weak and corrupt civilian Government has achieved more than the so-called favorite clean Musharraf Government that was enjoying the luxury of full time support from the imperialist great leader of USA Bush junior.

  • PGB

    Amount of terror being manufactured by that sorry excuse for a country is unbelievable…..almost every terror attack in the world now originates from Pakistan…..this sadly is its greatest accomplishment in its 60+ years of existence.

    • IAS

      If the foreign forces stop providing fund probably than we won;t be having terrorism problem.
      Like US has said ‘India has turned into a hub for providing fund for terrorists because of it’s hawala system’.

      Others are funding…we are suffering!

  • Pakistan

    Pakistan has experienced and managed daunting situations like no other country dealth with before. The people as nation needed a wakeup call which they have received it definetly. This country will rise from the bottom and shine again as it has all the potential required.

    • PGB

      Exactly what potential are you talking about?
      After all these decades, not a single car or motorcycle has appeared in the world with a “Made in Pakistan” tag. Technology in Pakistan has not gone beyond the manufacture of bicycles, footballs, and cricket bats. …. However I do know one gets a locally made AK for less than $100.00.
      Literacy rate of 35-40 % is less than that of Bangladesh.
      Has about 500,000 cars for a population of 170 million. Readership of English papers is about 300,000 and Urdu readership is 3 million.
      Islamic traditions superimposed on traditional tribal beliefs make simple developmental necessities like family planning (to curb birth rates) and women’s education nearly impossible throughout Pakistan. Uneducated women in a family ensure that essential knowledge about health and living are not transmitted to most young children who necessarily grow up under maternal care. Pakistan’s population is increasing and will have doubled to nearly 300 million in 20 to 25 years. It will take far longer than that to build schools for that increased population at current investment levels ensuring that Pakistan will inevitably and unavoidably have a much bigger uneducated and unemployed and poor population by 2025.

      Sorry all in all I don’t see a bright future for Pakistan.


    Union of Afgahnistan and Pakistan

    By M. Akram Khan, Balida Town, Karachi, Pakistan, 30 September 2009

    The only solution to the present problem of instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan is in the Union of these two countries based on principles of Democracy and Federalism.

    In history, Durani Empire was composed of all the areas in which today’s Pakistan and Afghanistan are located, and during the Mughal Empire together they were a single country. In the initial period of the British Empire, they were also the same country.

    Later, some forces that had vested interests kept a distance between these lands. Consequently, border areas between these two countries became hiding places for criminals of both countries, thieves of automobiles and other stolen goods. They are stored in this region. This large uncontrollable area is a base for many evils.

    Here narcotics are grown; addiction is destroying the youth and humanity. Because the region is not developed and poverty is rampant, people are attracted to extremism and militancy.

    Union of both countries will make the single government more responsible in stabilizing this region and in satisfying the nationalistic pride of its inhabitants. People will be able to serve humanity as other large nations of the world do. Otherwise, this region will always remain a nuisance for the world. It destroyed Soviet Union. It may also take down the western world, which will be a great blow to the development of Science and Technology, especially Medical science.
    Advantages to the world:
    Control of terrorism:
    Instability in this region is causing great damage to humanity. Soldiers of many countries are sacrificing their lives just to eliminate terrorists from these countries. In the presence of a unified government, it will be easier to control terrorists.
    Control of extremism:
    As a unified nation composed of multiethnic groups such as the Punjabis, Sindhis, Baluchis, Pashtuns, Urdu speakers, Tajiks, Persians and Hazaras, and as a multisectarian society such as Sunni and Shiites, it will become impossible for any ethnic group or religious sect to find any future in extremism.
    Stabilization of the region:
    Although it is now that the problems of this region have gained attention, it has suffered from instability for a long time. People here are finding no hope, no future for themselves, partly because of interference from foreign countries, such as the British Empire, Soviet Union, USA, China and India. When they were unified under the Durani Empire, the region was stable. The same was the case during the Mughal Empire.
    There are three main groups in Asia, i.e. the Chinese, Hindus and Muslims. Chinese and Hindus are satisfied with their states of China and India. The Muslim population in Asia is greater than the Chinese and Hindus combined. However, having no comparable state of their own they experience the stress of inferiority. That element too is causing instability and irritation amongst common Muslims. By creating a unified state of Pakistan and Afghanistan, a sense of satisfaction, pride and respect of having a national state will be achieved. That might lead to normalization of relations with the rest of the world and stability.
    Solution to economic problems
    At present, both countries are burdens on others, and pose barriers in exploring the resources of Central Asia by the world. After stabilization, it will be useful not only for Central Asia and for the World, but also for the new unified nation itself.
    Advantages to Pakistan:
    It was the vision of Quaid-e-Azam, the Founder of Pakistan, to unify the regions of West Pakistan, Afghanistan, East Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. That probably needs time. It took many centuries for Europeans to realize that they shared a common goal.
    • By unification with Afghanistan, areas, which are included in Pakistan, will stabilize, and migration of people from disturbed areas will stop.
    • Smuggling of weapons across the borders will end, and Law and Order will be established.
    • Similarly, illicit drug trade will be minimized.
    • Whole areas of Pukhtoons (Pashtuns) speaking population will unify, and that will help the development of culture and language of that group which is now divided in two nations.
    • Expenses for Security measures on the borders will be minimal. The resultant balance can be used for the welfare of people.
    • Interference of other nations in this region will subside.
    • Due to unique historical importance for Buddhists and Hindus, tourism industry will flourish and business activity in the region will increase.
    Advantages to Afghanistan:
    • Through unification, Afghanistan will cease to be a land locked country. The union will promote freedom of people of Afghanistan to travel and engage in economic activity,
    • Extremism and terrorism will come to and end, as the people will become more engaged and involved in adjusting themselves in the new union. Utilization of raw products of Afghanistan will increase.
    • Security and military expenses will minimize.
    • Doors to Pakistan will open to Afghanis who look for jobs in Pakistan.
    • Shortage of food products in Afghanistan will decrease and it will increase the utilization of raw products of Afghanistan.
    • Linking Central Asia via Afghanistan to the rest of the world will generate extraordinary development.
    Based on above observations, suggestions and predictions, it is clear that unification of Pakistan and Afghanistan will be fruitful for everyone in the region and for the world at large.
    Mr. M. Akram Khan Niazi can be reached at

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