Hong Kong: Journalists accused of incitement

Last Friday (Sep 4), three Hong Kong journalists were beaten up and detained by Xinjiang armed polices when they were covering the protest in Urumqi. Yesterday, the authorities in Xinjiang claimed that the three journalists were under the suspicion of inciting public disorder by making hand gestures. The director of the Xinjiang Autonomous Regional Information Office, Hou Hanmin, claimed that two of the journalists had not been authorized to report in the city and described the brutal act of the polices as an “unfortunate incident”.

This is not an isolated incident. Back in August, two reporters from Now TV were accused of possessing drug in their hotel rooms when they were reporting the trial of citizen rights activist Tan Zouren in Sichuan. On Sep 6, again 5 Hong Kong reporters were detained in Urumqi. All these incidents are threats to journalists’ personal security and the freedom of speech and press in Hong Kong. The Xinjiang government's statement, accusing journalists of inciting public disorder, has further outraged the public and many expressed their anger in blogs and online media.

Erynnyes from Those were the days cannot imagine how a government could tell such kind lie to the world.

童工從未想過,一個政權、一個大國,今天,總算是擠身於國際舞台、總算是在國際社會中,開始有點地位了,竟還可以如此無恥、無賴、無法無天,以非為是、以 黑為白、把受害人變犯人,扭曲事實、扭曲真相,這樣的一個偉大祖國,還可以厚顏無恥地叫香港人去愛國?敢問胡主席、溫總理,香港人何以從何愛這樣的一個偉 大祖國呀!

I have never imagined that a ruling party, a strong country which is getting powerful in the international world can so shameless and brutal. It rules without law, with no sense of right and wrong, black and white, turning victims into criminals and twisted all the facts. How can you shamefully ask Hong Kong people to love such a great nation? President Hu and Premier Wen, please tell us how Hong Kong people can love such a great nation?

The 60th anniversary of PRC is approaching, Martinoei pointed out that there is nothing left to be celebrated:

乜嘢叫顛倒黑白,呢種就係,點只拉人打人唔駛本,連老屈人都唔駛本,明明新疆自己理虧在先,仲要大大聲惡人先告狀,老屈手持記者證嘅香港記者煽動。 好多記者聽完,慶到上頭,真係想針筒、釘鞋呀,乜叉都擲過去俾新疆政府班白痴嘆吓。依家大家明白,點解漢人同維吾爾人,可以咁慶走晒上街示威,個政府白痴 白爛成咁,俾我都上街喇。


What is the meaning of turning black into white? Now we have an vivid example. They can just beat you up and accuse you of doing all the wrongs. It is obvious that they have lost their ground in the incident, but then they can still speak aloud and claim that the journalists were inciting the public. Many reporters are very angry, if they had syringes and shoes in their hands, they would probably throw them at the Xinjiang government morons. Now you probably understand why both Han people and Urumqi people would protest in the street. With such an idiotic government, I would take to the street too.

Anniversary of the nation? How should we celebrate? Probably we should order 100 dozen of shoes from Turkey to throw at the stage for celebration. I urge reporters to boycott the reporting of the anniversary. Let them celebrate by themselves, and we could avoid being beaten and accused of incitement while reporting the event.

The blogger also opened a facebook group to boycott the celebration of PRC's birthday.

Another facebook group condemning the brutal action of mainland police has more than 750 members, here are some of their wall comments:

Huang XueTao:


We must protect the freedom of press in Hong Kong, or everything will collapse.
We should argue with reason and defend journalists’ right. By doing this we give a chance for mainland official to learn and make progress. It can also open up some space for mainland reporters.

Spare Tire:


Please don't have any illusion on China human rights condition.

Andrew Brian Rex Tam:

As the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China is coming, let's send our letters to the President and the Premier in the State Council, Beijing, in order to voice out the demand of Chinese people for democracy and liberty!!

Vicky Kwan:

新聞自由不可踐踏! 如果公安指乜就拍乜,仲駛乜記者,新華社通稿就得啦! 只要喺法律允可范圍內,公安武警冇權自己釋法,現時並非戰爭狀態,軍隊武警無權限制新聞自由。

冇錯,內地一直冇新聞自由,冇結社自由,所以,香港記者責無旁貸,中國新聞自由,由香港記者開始。 我支持你哋!

Press freedom cannot be treaded upon! If we only shoot according to the police's instruction, we don't need to have journalists, we can all read Xinhua's news wire. The police has no rights to interpret the situation there. It is not war time, they don't have the right to restrict press freedom.

They don't have freedom of press and association in mainland. That's why Hong Kong journalists have their responsibility to advocate free press in China. I support all of you.

Leslie Leung:

哈, CCTVB成日自我審查, 擦阿爺鞋又如何, 阿爺d狗奴才咪又係唔俾面照打可也?

CCTVB always has self-censorship to please grandpa (meaning central government), but the grandpa's dogs still bite you up without giving you any face.

Dickson Cheung


The CCP is the same with the triad!!!
Some stupid brothers always say that Hu and Wen are more open and moderate — look at this f–king openness!!!
The SAR government headed by Donald Tsang, their salary comes from Hong Kong people, they should protest against this and suspend the 10 billion donation to Sichuan. Or we don't pay our tax anymore.

Wanky Chik


This is the true face of CCP. If we believe 10% of what it said, we became blind.
Still looking forward to one country two systems and self autonomous rule? stop dreaming.
Hong Kong will only have a future when CCP is down.

Po Cheung:

基本上從當地公安既行動來講, 香港記者受到既待遇已經與內地體齊.
真正的回歸祖國了 ~

From the police's action, it is clear that they treated Hong Kong and mainland journalists in an equal ground.
We have truly returned to China -


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