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Global Voices seeks staff for new project: “Interpreting RuNet”

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Russian cursive alphabetGlobal Voices (GV) is seeking a part-time project editor and a contributing editor to staff a new initiative, titled “Interpreting RuNet.” The purpose of the initiative is to deepen our coverage and analysis of Russian-language blogospheres, online speech and social networks.

Over the period of a year, the project will seek to present comprehensive and deep reporting on and analyses of the Russian-language online community. GV will concentrate on increasing coverage on globalvoicesonline.org of the Russian online world. We will:

The primary focus of our coverage and analysis will be Russian-language online writing from and about the Russian Federation. Secondary content may also include Russian-language content from the former Soviet Union, as it relates to the Russian Federation. GV will seek to ensure that the content receives broad recognition and publicity, both on our sites, and in other contexts and languages. As with all our projects we seek publicity, interviews, and re-publication in other media to further amplify the content.

Global Voices is seeking to staff two part-time positions,  a Project Editor and a Contributing Editor.

The Project Editor will direct the project, manage project content on Global Voices sites, and coordinate staff and volunteer contributions. The individual will produce and/or edit several in-depth stories per week, as well as shorter posts linking and pointing to important topics, events, and writing as it occurs. The work will involve extensive translation, analysis, and further original research and reporting when appropriate, in order to elucidate and identify trends, ideas, and social and political currents within RuNet. Analysis will also examine how content in the Russian language space relates to other online communities, languages, and cultures, and offline Russian conversation, journalism, and social and political movements.

The Project Editor will also:

The Contributing Editor will work with the Project Editor. The individual will assist in producing and editing content for the project, including regular output of stories, translation, and networking. The work will involve extensive translation, analysis, and further original research and reporting when appropriate

Successful applicants will have the following qualifications:

We will be seeking the right mix of skills and experience for these two positions. We will also have opportunities for more occasional research and analysis by other contributors The final make-up of the editorial team will depend on the interests and availability of applicants.

Interested candidates please send CV and Letter of Interest explaining why you'd be a good candidate for the job to: editor AT globalvoicesonline DOT org

Interpreting RuNet is funded by a grant from the Open Society Institute [1].