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Arab World: Welcoming Ramadan

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Arts & Culture, Humor, Labor, Religion

The holy month of Ramadan [1] is an important month in the Muslim calendar. During the month, aimed to teach believers spirituality and feeling the suffering of those less fortunate than themselves, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activities from dawn to sunset, as well as dedicate themselves to prayer and asking God for forgiveness for their past sins. Bloggers writing in Arabic celebrate the month, already in its first week, in this post, where we share some of the artistic creations used to greet their readers on the month.

From Egypt, Ahmed El Gamil [2] posts this drawing, where he wishes his readers a blessed month:

Ramadan Wishes [3]

Kuwaitism [4], meanwhile, celebrates the month by posting this photograph, showing expatriate workers in Kuwait:

Kuwait Expats [5]

He then writes:

مبارك عليكم الشهر
و أحب أزف أطيب التهاني و التبريكات لكل الفراشين اللي يشتغلون بمطابخ الشركات بمناسبة الإجازة أو الراحة من هالمعازيب الحنة بالدوام! ماكو “راجو جيب قهوة” … “راجو جيب شاي”!
و عسا كل أيامكم أفراح و سعادة جميعا
Congratulations on the month!
I would like to greet all the office boys, who work in the kitchens of companies, on their holiday and break from the nagging of employers and their yelling: “Raju, bring me coffee,” and “Raju, bring me tea!”
I wish you all happiness.

And in Bahrain, Ba7rani87 [6] celebrates Ramadan by posting this calligraphic work, which says Allah, or God:

Allah [7]