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Caribbean: Bolt Does It Again!

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Olympic [1] gold medalist and world record holder in the 100 and 200 meter events, Jamaican [2] Usain Bolt [3], sprinted to an even more impressive victory this past weekend at the IAAF World Championships [4] in Berlin, clocking 9.58 seconds to beat his own record [5]. Regional bloggers are in a celebratory mood, particularly in Jamaica…

Life, Unscripted, on the Rock [6] unabashedly says:

Mi glad bag buss!

BIG UP, Bolt and Asafa. Lightning Bolt scorched [7], and Asafa [Powell, who took home the bronze for Jamaica in a time of 9.84] showed us what he’s made of.

Congratulations are also due to all the Caribbean participants on a job well done.

Abeng News Magazine [8] writes of the victory:

Usain Bolt’s sizzling 9.58 sec world record 100 meters run on Sunday gave Jamaicans one more reason to celebrate, despite the tough economic times facing the island.

The significance of the achievement is not lost on The Phoenix in a Gas House [9]:

One day Usain Bolt is going to do something that a normal human being might do. He'll spill his tea, or drop his chicken nuggets, or trip over his shoelaces.

One day. For now, he astonishes and astounds with everything he does.

Almost exactly 73 years ago in this Olympiastadion, Jesse Owens produced an athletic performance that made sporting history. Before Sunday night, it seemed impossible that anyone could ever match those deeds.

That was before 9.58 seconds. That was before Usain landed.

The greatest 100m in history? Surely. The greatest sprinter ever? Unquestionably.

Girl With a Purpose [10], meanwhile, is “still amazed…in wonderful shock and awe!” – Stunner's Afflictions [11] adds:

Once again the man dubbed the fastest man on earth has proven why he got that title and in fine style.

Bloggers from Trinidad and Tobago [12] also put in their two cents’ worth. Trinidad and Tobago News Blog [13] calls the win “amazing” and ttgapers.com [14] says:

Usain Bolt proved again he races in a world all his own.

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