India: Shahrukh Khan Detained At An US Airport

Aaman Lamba at Desicritics reacts on the detention of the Bollywood celebrity Shahrukh Khan at Newark Airport by the US Immigration Dept.: “There is a natural query on whether this may have any relationship to traveling while brown, or while Muslim, for that matter. Were Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt to be detained in this manner, instead of getting the usual grand welcome, the brouhaha would likely be quite deafening.”


  • Saumen

    Guyz …who are crying over this issue pl. grow up and try to understand America views their own security differently than the Indian Govt.They strictly go by the rulebook and very serious about their duty. There is no celebrity or VIP culture in US – all people treated equal. This was a routine check up – I don’t understand this hue and cry over questining Shahrukh – so what if he they asked him some questions like they ask to thousands of foreign travellers around world everyday – I passed through that Airport more than 15 times – never had any issues. There are many Khans who are working in America for many decades and in high position – also Newark airport has many Indian American, Asian staffs. Donot believe Shahrukh’s version of story — he must have been arrogant or was trying to use his cellphone in immigration area (which is banned and multiple big signboards are there)- probably they asked him few questions – which hurt his ego as he must have been expecting demi-god treatment like India – in the meanwhile his luggage was lost by British Airways and he waited for an hour – looks to me he is cleverly making free publicity for his forthcoming movie “my name is khan” where storyline is pretty much same.

  • S.Bhalla

    Indians are making themselves look highly ignorant with their overreaction. 66 minutes getting into the country is not that long, especially if your bags were lost by your airline. He wasn’t abused or arrested, just questioned..there’s nothing wrong with that. EVERYBODY has to get screened. Even Vice President Gore has to go through security at the airports. Bob Dylan was recently detained by the police in NJ. And guess what..NOBODY makes an issue of it..NOBODY demands special treatment.

  • Sid

    I agree. Sharukh Khan and the voices that go along with him on this issue has to really grow up. I am an Indian by origin. I go through atleast two to three airports everyweek in the US. I pass by easily at all these airports without a heck-up and I see white, blacks, asians, rich they all get scrutinized as much. I can understand the embarrrasment for Sharukh Khan but its a common thing. NOBODY gets special treatment.

  • Ash

    Saumen, S Bhalla & Sid

    I feel great that there are people like you around, Go guys ! I was debating with someone along the same lines and found lonely in the crowd. Feels so good now… Equality and freedom lovin it…
    Enough of that special treatment to celebrities crap.. be proud of who yo uare and let others be too.


  • Roy

    I m not an American or Indian but I think Indian Immigration should also perform their duties.TIT FOR TAT …OMG I can’t wait to c those Big Hollywood names standing in the Que at different Indian Airports.
    By the way this VIP culture is a Gift of British Raj .
    Americans r Aliens they treat people from the other parts of the as creatures from MARS.
    On the other hand I wish Indian public stop following Americans and stick to their own Culture.Stop using American products.

  • pcbrady

    Please be aware that not everyone knows this man-Shahrukha Khan as a movie star, singer, or Muslim in America. In fact, if one is not of the mindset to explore other cultures and singers and movie genre they would not even know this guy….his books are impossible to get and his movies and songs are not much easier to find either over here…except when you are lucky to view them on Nameste Ch. 35 on occasion. I am truly sorry for and have great sympathy for Mr. Khan’s detainment and any embarrassment he must have felt while with his family. But it truly was not done to insult him or his family or target him as a Muslim or Native of India. Many people every day are periodically searched or detained for routine security checks… Perhaps Mr. Khan if USA could get your movies with subtitles so they can better understand(plot, language etc :) more people might be able to truly appreciate your talents and then you would be more recognizable…So there would be less incidents like you experienced in N.J But please remember that 9/11 changed everything and not just for foreign visitors…A few bad apples of Muslim persuasion have made it bad for everyone…USA citizens and foreign visitors alike. My very best to Mr. Khan, I hope when he calms down he will realize that there was no major plot to humiliate him or his cultural ties. He is truly a great singer and funny star… pcb

  • I’m waitng for that day when American so called VIP also treated like that. Then the stupid Americans will understand what is “rulebook”. What if president barak obama waiting in Delhi airport for 2 hrs? Ah, it will be a great fun :-)… i’m waiting for that day seriously…

    and the indian, they should stop following foolish American.. totally agree with you Roy.

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