China: Han's prejudices and discriminations towards Uyghur

The July 5 Xinjiang riot has passed over a month and the majority of Chinese netizens are still blaming the West and Rebiya Kadeer for promoting Xinjiang separatist movements. Nevertheless, there are some whispering voices popping up here and there in the Chinese Internet, like this one sentence comment at the BBS of , which suggested that the unrest in Urumqi was a result of long term oppression:


There was no place to voice out after being bullied again and again, violence becomes ultimate answer!

The Han's ethnic discrimination towards Uyghurs has been a source of conflict in China long before the July unrest. Searching from the online discussions on Tianya forum, there are many stories about Han's prejudice against Uyghurs. Here is one of the stories:


Let me explain my personal experience. In my university years in Urumqi, there was a popular CCTV programme titled as “Special 6+1”. In one of the episode, the host interviewed a Xinjiang people (translator note: many Han Chinese called Uyghur Xinjiang people) about his wish. His answer was, surprisingly, his answer was simply that he wish to stay in a hostel in Beijing for a few days. The host was stunned and asked for the reason. The interviewee explained his experience back in early 1990s when he brought his son to Beijing for better hospital care. In the trip, they were rejected by all hostels in Beijing merely because they were Xinjiang people.

People's press also has similar experience back in 2006:


In 2006 Christmas Eve, I was in Beijing. Though none of the bars put on notice “No Uyghurs” on the doors, I was checked by the security guards all the time.

Apart from all the everyday life conflicts, many are frustrated by Hans people's misunderstandings and prejudices. Looking at cloud and water flow, yelled out loud on Tianya forum that he is a Xinjiang people to express his anger on such prejudices,

我要大声说我是新疆人…. 新疆是有小偷,可是哪里没有小偷?难道新疆有小偷,就说小偷都是来自新疆么?去做小偷的少数民族很容易被认出来。好么这就将小偷的帐全都算在了新疆人身上。我去过几次内地发现内地的治安远不如新疆。

I want to yell out loud that I am an Uyghur!…. There are thieves in Xinjiang, but thieves are everywhere. Can it be reasonably assumed that all thieves are from Xinjiang? It is of course easier to identify a thief with an ethnic minority outlook. Then you conclude that all thieves are Xinjiang people. In fact I have visited many other places in the mainland and I found that Xinjiang is much safer.

Even the government wants to adjust policy for preserving Uyghur's language and culture, many Han Chinese refuse to support. A recent example is the Central government's plan to invest double amount of funding (USD 121 million) on bilingual kindergartens education in Xinjiang. Again, there are many complaints on such kind of policy favoritism:

Liar without draft was angry about the policy:


Neither do other regions have enough kindergartens, why doesn't our government act on that?

Shenqike replied:


Crying babies get the milk! No babies are crying in other regions!

Xwni added,


Bad kids get the candy.


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