Philippines: Protest of KFC workers

Filipino employees of KFC, a popular fastfood chain, staged a picket-rally to protest the “illegal” dismissal of many workers in the country.


  • Gerard Estella

    Can you give me more details on this? I am just curious kasi my wife also file a case against this company and got a favorable decision.

    Maybe all those with similar experience with this company should unite. they can get in touch with me sa 0923-4662309 or email

  • Gerard Estella

    If its true that this company is notorious for illegally dismissing its employees,I think the government,NGOs and big labor organizations should step in na.

    I think the chairman of the company who is noted for his patriotic stance in some political actions like anti-erap rallies etc should this time bring in his patriotic sense to his company.

    In the case of my wife, the president even circulated an e-mail circulated to all officers ordering them to be UNREASONABLE to my wife. Yun namang vice president, recommended the dismissal of my wife using 19 fabricated accusations in spite of his willful and deliberate knowledge that all his allegations are not true. GRABE!

  • Gerard Estella

    It is good that my wife keeps a big file of all his employment documents and memos and for this she was able to rebut all the false accusations against her each of her arguments backed up with irrefutable evidences.

    NLRC also noticed dami nilang company names and this peculiar attribute they use to defray labor issues or complaints. Hence,those who are still working inthis company my advise is for them to keep all their employment records and memos no matter how old. In the case of my wife, her truckloads od documents,employment records and memos helped her a lot in pursuing this case.

    One good thing about my wife pa is that she is fighting this giant company without the assistance of a lawyer. And she is winning because truth is on her side.

  • Dear Mr. Agustines;

    I have many friends in the top management of KFC and they know who should be blamed for this mess. Mr. Agustines , I know you are good person and I will be dismayed if your company will suffer because of the misdoing of one or two top persons in your company. The chief architect of this genocide against hundreds if not thousands of your RTMs is very close to you and you have gone a long way. The least you can do is to ask him to walk away and make sure he goes very far away. Then,you ask and consult those who have worked with you including those who resigned or terminated. A lot of your good-natured officers have resigned because of their disgust over the way he runs your business. A lot of them were humiliated by him or forced to the doghouse and left quitely. Many of them will tell you the whole story,the truth no one had the guts to tell you before. And you will be surprised to hear from them the things you should have known long before. Anyway, your son, mauro, has the capability to hold the helm of management even just for awhile and even if only to manage this crisis . I assure you he can make a better chief. And please act now because time is running out….

  • TO YRI ( Yum Restaurant International );

    Please listen to the voices of protesting KFC RTMs because no less than the image of KFC is on the line. Would you be happy if someday COL. SANDERS will become a symbol or an icon of cruelty to employees in the Philippines? It is time for you to find out if its true that KFC Philippines is being run by a butcher.


    It would be wise if all the proponents of this system will themselves be hooked to the machine and answer the following questions;

    1.) Did you ever earn anything as commission or patongs for any contract signed and transactions entered into by you in behalf the company?

    2.) Did you ever approved or engaged in a contract with another entity or persons for and in behalf of your company just on the basis of friendship or affinity in spite of your knowledge that such contracts can be entered into with other entities or persons at much cheaper cost?

    3.) Have you ever terminated an employee or caused the termination of an employee or promoted another or increase the salary of the same merely on the basis of your personal fulfillment or satisfaction and not on the merit of his/her performance or contribution to the company ?

    4.) Have you ever engaged in any form of immorality with someone who has ever worked with you or is still working under you ?

    5.) Have you ever used your authority to shield anyone from her responsibility over missing funds, losses, stolen money, investigation or have you ever protected a friend from complaints of co-workers in spite of the legitimacy of your complaint.

    6.) Have you, due to negligence and inefficiency, have ever failed to recover or has caused such failure to recover, millions of pesos worth of lease deposits or investments in other commercial locations, malls and other properties?

    7.) Have you ever collected any commission or gifts of substantial cost or amount from any person or corporations for any contract or favor extended which could have not effected without your authority and/or prerogatives in KFC?

    8.) Have you ever used any company equipments or assets for your own personal use?

    9.) Have you ever divulged confidential matters, formulas or sales figures to any of the company’s competitors?

    10.) Have you or any of your friends or relatives ever supplied the company of any products directly or indirectly?

    Thank you.


    Come’ on fellas. Ibulgar na ninyo kung sino-sino ang mga bwisit riyan kung talagang mahal ninyo ang kumpanyang yan. As for me, you probably know my leanings. Mahal ko rin ang KFC this is the reason why I am into this crusade. It is time for you to join hands and air your sentiments. Kayo ang magliligtas sa KFC.


    Para makatulong AKO sa mga trabahante,

    Di muna ako bibili sa KFC

  • rainne

    guys lam kong mahal nyo ang kfc but the people behind
    this kind of scam doesnt care enough for the people or for the RTM or Managers who are the victim of this event… I love KFC very much and I know what is the feeling to be dedicated on a job that becomes part of your life… Sa mga co team member ko before … Hope that the Justice be with you… and for the company and the people behind this kind of scam , pls lang hindi lang kayo ang may kailangan ng trabaho … Just think of it….

  • Guys, As far as I’m concern, You do exactly know what kind of company it was… Especially those who are kumpare by the higher positions down to their non IQ security who gave the idea to bossing about the maliscious polygraph test, For sure he gained, big money by suggesting the machine and ruined the morals and lives of those rtm’s, I actually remember the day when I’m about to undergo the test, for polygraph thing If I’m not mistaken were included on the first or second batch, Some of my employees were afraid as for the technician approaches them to relax and just tell what they know, For those who are being tortured psycologically their young mind for sure was still suffering until now… Theyre actually afraid what would happen next, So even the smallest things they told even eating the cracklings (crunches from cooked chicken breading). And that makes one of my employee positive from the test… My RGM, I think his good, He advised our employees not to attend if they not feel well to undergo the test but unfortunately, those employees were also been dismissed for not attending the schedule given to them, Thanks God! I made my self resigned though, I passed the test… I knew Iwill be dissapointed for the company that I offered my best service for long 10 years, The work was so good, the people inside the operation co-managers, the staff, leading them to be a good citizen of our republic, I doubt some of them might fall into nothing. Criminal a worst. But to you who make the thing? I hope you can still sleep at night… I hope one of your son or daughter’s will not work like us and be protected by your money that you earned to ruin the morals and life of others!

    KFC phils. Managers and RTM’s… Sulong! maraming company not only KFC, Why not try mass resignation, let see what mr. agustines can do about this, I doubt maraming sipsip sa company na to…

  • Employees of KFC should not hesitate to fight for their rights. They should be able to know the following tale tell signs of whether or not their rights as workers have been abused;

    1.) Kayo ba ay hindi nareregular sa kabila ng mahigit sa anim na buwang pagtatatrabaho? Pinalilipat-lipat lang ba kayo ng iba’t-ibang kumpanya bago sumapit ang ika-6 na buwan? Kung ang sagot ninyo ay “oo”, inaabuso kayo ng mga linsyak na yan.

    2.) Kayo ba ay pinapalabas nilang kasapi ng isank kooperatiba at ang kooperatiba ang siyang nagdala sa inyo sa KFC? Kung ang sagot ninyo ay “oo”, maliwanag na inaabuso kayo ng mga linsyak na yan. Bawal ang labor only contracting, ang pekeng kooperatiba ang ginagamit nilang palusot sa kanilang masamang motibo.

    3.) Kayo ba ay pinepersonal ng mga linsyak na yan, halimbawa ay binibigyan ng mabigat o delikado na trabaho, minumura, pinapagalitan sa harap ng iba, o kaya’y dinadaya sa inyong performance rating o pinagbibntangan ng di totoo, abuso pa rin ito sa inyong karapatan.

    4.) Ang Polygraph Test Result bilang basehan ng pagtanggal ay isang pang-aabuso pa rin sa inyong karapatan bilang manggagawa.

    Ano ang inyong gagawin kapag kayo ay inabuso. Magpunta sa NLRC, Banawe ST. near corner Quezon avenue sa ground floor at duon ay maghain ng reklamo.

    May mga form na inyong sasagutin at panunumpaan. ang batas ay nasa panig ng manggagawa at natitiyak ko na inyong makakamit ang katarungan.

    Nararapat din na kayo ay kumilos agad sapagkat may mga prescription period ang mga paghahabol. Huwag na ninyong sayangin ang oras!

  • Alam ninyo talang mandaraya ang mga namumuno sa KFC. This is for YUM International or YRI or whatever. I will tell you how KFC Philippines is cheating your asses. Just to cite examples;

    1.) They operated and run clandestine kitchen in a number of locations for several years one of them across SM Sucat, the property of which is owned by Hernandez family. They operated clandestine kitchen operation in order to avoid millions of pesos worth of Royalty Fees. Kayong mga nagtrabaho sa mga kolurum na kitchen ng KFC sulatan ninyo ang YRI para makarma naman ang mga K-kapal F-aced C-corporate officers ng kumpanyang yan. And this is unfair to the delivery customers because there is no wqay to check on the standards of the products.

    2.) In violation of their agreement, they operated FASOLI’S and MISTER DONUT and now TOKYO-TOKYO.

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