Philippines: Testimony of a worker with HIV

Rina, a former domestic helper from the Philippines, shares how she acquired HIV while working in Dubai.


  • geogina

    am just wondering isnt dubai a muslim country? how is hiv being acquired, is it only through sexual?????

  • carrascolascano israel

    Read my testimony,and if you know somebody,with these virus,hiv,sida,aids,tell theme to do,

    what I did,to take the virus out,my name is israel,I was hiv positive,living a life in drugs and alcohol,one day I wake up,in the hospital,with my head and arm broke,with no family,no friends,no money,in portland oregon,I ask ”GOD”for help.I went to a christian program,in THE UNION RESCUE MISSION,in los angeles california,in 2009 to 2010,,I stayed for 2 years,and I surrender my self to the lord,I ask to forgive all my sins,and to receive me graciously in heaven,I ask for hope,to redeem israel,o ”GOD”from all my troubles,one day,I wake up,without pants and shirtless,I know that ”GOD”hear my cries,can you read the old testament bible,in hosea chapter,11,it’s not me,,but the life of israel,,the son of hosea,,was the life that I was living,I went to do a hiv test,and the test was hiv negative,from # 0,to # 10,was # 9,one more #,to be hiv,active,the more sex ,with different persons,with out a condom,the germs are going up,and people get hiv active,I was taking pain pills,tylenol or acetaminophen,or,others,2 tablets,3 times everyday,because my head and arm was broke,leaving some blood,by the nose,I take out,it was the virus,after 2 months taking the pills,I went to do a hiv test,and the test was hiv negative,with no virus in my blood,from # 0,to # 10,,was #0,,,0 germs in my blood,,,the miracles that ”GOD”did it’s done,,,in the sign that ”GOD”left is in the pain pills,that I was taking,,look at the comersial of tylenol pill on tv,I give my testimony,to some students and doctors,and to my chaplain,and now they healing people,if you want to know,look in portland oregon hiv,testimony in google,now if you’re infected with hiv,get a note book,and write the date and time,you start the treatment,take 2 pills at 8am,2 pills at 1pm,2 pills at 6 pm,after 2 months and 2 weeks,taking the pain pills,everyday,go and take hiv test,and the test will be hiv not,active,but with some hiv germs in your blood,keep taking ,the pills for other 2 months more,to kill all the virus,if you’re infected with ,sida,or,aids,take 2 pills 3 times everyday,after 3 months taking the pills,,go and see a doctor,,and take a sida,or,aids,test,and the test will be sida not,active,or,aids,not,active,but with some germs in there blood,keep taking the pills,for other 2 months and 2 weeks more,to kill all the virus,but remember it’s a miracle,that ”GOD”did it’s done,,in the sign that ”GOD”left is in the pain pills,,if you get infected,one more time,the word of ”GOD”say ,the pay is 3RD different virus in your blood,RD in algebra means round,3 for hiv,6sida,9aids,I know people ,that had cure from hiv,the first time,but they went and get hiv active,and now they have,3 different virus,in there blood,and they can’t not take’s a miracles that ”GOD”did it’s done,,in the sign is in the pain pills,,one more opportunity to change,with out the world judged you,opportunity to get your friends and family back,please pass the information to others,galatians 5′;14 for the whole law is fulfilled in one word,you shall love your neighbor as yourself,’attends the church of your country,go and run or walk everyday,tried to sweat,your piss will be,like yellow color, in the pain pills treatment,it’s the virus,look for a church or temple,and went you get heal,go and tell the nation,what ”GOD”did for you,like jesus say,if you denies me in front of your brothers I will denies you,in front of my father,went I return,because it’s a miracle not for sale,,”GOD”bless you,and can you please pray for me,if anybody ask you,for money,in the internet or by phone or i mail,using my name ignore them,buy you’re own pills anywhere you live,me,my,self,I was buying my pills,at the dollar store,or,99cents store,,I hope you understand ,my writing,thank you,very much,”GOD”love’s you so much,no matter you’re background,,

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