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Azerbaijan: Last tweet before arrest

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Emin Milli, one of two youth and civil society activists severly beaten [1] and jailed for two months [2] for hooliganism in Baku last week, sent a tweet [3] back on 24th June. Not only was it the last before his arrest, but it was also particularly poignant.

“Qurbansız azadlıq olmaz. Ona görə də bu gün mən və mənim kimi adamlar həbs olunmalıdır.” Əbülfəz Elçibəy, 1974

‘Without sacrifices there isn't any freedom. Therefore, I and people like me have to be arrested.’ Abulfaz Elchibey, 1974.

Quoted person is Azerbaijan's ex-President Abulfaz Elchibey [4] who was arrested for his dissident activities during Soviet period. The day of Emin's tweet was Elchibey's 71th anniversary.

Emin Milli's latest tweet before his arrest