10 July 2009

Stories from 10 July 2009

Fiji: The fall of movie pirates

  10 July 2009

With Fiji’s government cracking down on outlets selling pirated DVDs, L. Cass pens a piece in Failed Paradise criticizing these “cheating” retailers but also lamenting their downfall

Fiji: Journalism schools’ standards questioned

  10 July 2009

A second journalism school has opened in Fiji, this one at the Fiji Institute of Technology. But given “the climate of censorship and media paranoia in post-putsch Fiji,” media educator David Robie in his Café Pacific blog argues the standards of these new programs should face heavy scrutiny.

Russia: Search engine politics

LJ user kostyaorlov posts [RUS] statistics on the frequency of searches for political parties by leading search engine Yandex in various Russian regions, thus indicating geographic variation of political interest among web users.

Russia: Burning books

LJ user red warrior red claims [RUS] that the Russian edition of a book by murdered dissident-in-exile, Alexander Litvinenko, has been confiscated and destroyed by the Federal Security Service (FSB) in connection with a criminal investigation.

Russia: Ural curfew

LJ user wladimirmgerturns attention to [RUS] a 22 PM to 6 AM curfew for underaged, recently decided by politicians in the Chelyabinsk region of southern Ural.

Pakistan: The President Vs. Chief Justice

  10 July 2009

Farhan at Guppu Blog discusses the recent row between the president and the chief justice of Pakistan and cautions others from using sensationalist remarks while describing the tensions as that can incite fresh political agitations.

Sri Lanka: Facebook Banned In A Girl's School

  10 July 2009

Anandawardhana at Web Alochana informs that Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya, one of the leading girl's schools in Colombo, has asked its students to “deactivate their accounts” and warned that “those who still maintain accounts on Facebook will be expelled from school.”