China and North Korea: Kim is like Chairman Mao?

On 4 July, the United States’ National Day, North Korea has launched seven missiles tests again and some of them were medium-range rockets that pose threat to Japan and South Korea. While Kim Jong Il has been portrayed as a crazy and authoritarian figure, Chinese netizens are eager to compare him with Chairman Mao.

An article titled “Kim Jong Il is just like Chairman Mao!” received a lot of attention in the Qiangguo Forum, a website run by state-owned the People’s Daily. In the article, chibilanting associates Kim Jong Il with Chairman Mao when dealing with military threats. As chibilanting argues,


Let's examine Mao's era: the United States joined force with other countries to invade North Korea soon after China has been liberalized. We defended our country and supported North Korea. We survived through the war and the U.S was forced to sign the peace agreement without victory. India occupied our territories, we targeted at New Delhi and survived through the war. The Soviet Union invaded our Zhenbao Island, we fought and now Zhenbao Island is in our hands.


When North Korea launched the satellite, USA, Japan and South Korea dare not intercept. It is such a joke! North Korea then launched a series of nuclear tests and the United Nations proposed several resolutions, but North Korean became ever stronger in its stand. The United States claimed that they could check upon North Korea's Cargos under the United Nations’ resolution, eventually its Seventh Fleet did not make any interception. North Koreans might be starving, but Kim Jong Il did not lose to Obama, Lee Myung-bak and Aso. Just like China’s Chair Mao, who did not lose to the world! Kim Jong Il is like Chairman Mao!

A lot of comments followed, 221.205.34 said,


Kim Jong Il is only one of the Chair Mao’s students!!!

Another netizen, Caiyunchangzai also agreed,


Kim is learning Mao’s spirit and his beliefs!

Gaoshanmei said,


Needless to say, Kim’s bones are as strong as Mao’s. If our leaders resembled Mao, people will be very fortunate!

222.50.82 also said,


He (Kim) cannot compete with old Mao, but his bones (characters) are stronger than our government.

Another Chinese blogger, Enjoy Drawing, also compares Kim with Mao in his comment on Kim's portrait,


Chairman Mao has once said, “regime vests in gun”. Now the world has advanced and it should become “regime vests in nuclear bomb!”


The blogger explains why Kim was portrayed in an upright position:


He understands that he is different from Saddam Hussein, Saddam was alone fighting. While behind North Korea, stands a strong China, which is much stronger than the time when it fought against the United State during the Korea War in the last century.


  • PJ

    If Kim is like Mao…Isn’t Mao dead?

  • 治理國家,用玩火的態度,固可爽快於一時,但絕非負責任者所應為。兩次世界大戰的教訓還不夠嗎?義和團的教訓還不夠嗎?

  • R. Elgin

    This thread demonstrates the serious lack of insight and maturity that many Chinese posters have, regarding their historical perspective.

    That’s not a healthy sign.

  • I’ve heard similar adulation directed at KJI from my South Korean brother-in-law.

  • Jon Landon

    Once more one views the overarching low degree of consciousness that comprises the nationalist tendency of too many Chinese youth who have been propagandized from day one to believe in nation and party, of which Mao is still the ultimate symbol. His famous quote, “power derives from the barrel of a gun” speaks not only of the most simple and effective political solution known to mankind, but of mankind’s debased “unadvanced”condition, specifically. This is not a matter to rejoice in nor are pocket change dictators such as Kim who, along with his father before him, has driven his country into the ground, leaving a tide of No. Korean blood behind him. There is nothing noble about this paranoid, speed freak. Only a brainless Chinese nationalist could entertain this sentiment. How pathetic. Such a botched and bungled lot of fools!

  • Ben

    Chinese folks need to understand difference between Good and Evil. I rather compare Kim’s father Kim Il Seung to Mao than his evil son KJI. Mao cared about his poor people, KJI doesn’t.

  • Once again Chinese netizens have their silly heads up their pigu (屁股) when commenting on North Korea.
    One could make a plausible argument that Kim Il-sung resembled Mao in several ways, but the son of Kim Il-sung is pale in comparison to his father.

    First of all Kim Jong-il does not have any of the military accomplishments that Mao can boast. Kim Il-sung, on the other hand, is revered as a war hero for leading guerrilla battles against Japanese troops. This is something that Mao did as well.

    Kim Jong-il does not have the respect of the world, in fact most global leaders agree that he is incompetent. Kim Il-sung at least had some strong credibility among major communist powers like the Soviet Union and East Germany. Mao was respected worldwide and even gets credit for restoring US-China relations.

    Kim Jong-il is far more selfish and corrupt than his father, and is considered less compassionate toward the common people outside of Pyongyang. Kim Il-Sung was very popular in the countryside and Mao also was a proponent of placing the rural peasants as his top priority. Mao’s legacy survives today despite the failures including the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward. After Kim Jong-il dies it won’t be long before somebody better replaces him and he won’t be remembered for anything but disasters. Kim Il-sung, like PRC’s Chairman Mao, will still be honored in history as the founding father of DPRK for as long as the Korean penisula remains split.

  • Sonagi

    On large private Chinese web forums, commenters are generally derisive of Koreans on both sides of the DMZ. KJI is a favorite target. That Chinese-produced video of a North Korean agent looking for cognac for Dear Leader is more representative of the attitudes of young, educated Chinese towards the DPRK and its leader than the historically inaccurate, boastful tripe on this translated thread. “美国就联合诸国侵略朝鲜。(The United States-led UN forces invaded North Korea)” Sheesh. Several years ago official Chinese historians got around to acknowledging that the North invaded the South. Some of the comment turds smell like they were dropped by Fifty Cent partiers.

  • 中國要現代化,請先從開放資訊開始。資訊的封閉造就一大群欠缺國際觀的義和團心態的公民。這樣的中國即使強大,怎可能是和平崛起?不給自己及國際帶來災禍已經是萬幸了!

  • Olivier Chang





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