8 July 2009

Stories from 8 July 2009

Lithuania: Quiz pro quo

Lapelis draws attention to [GER] a quiz on Lithuania's 1,000 year history, by the country's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and in response makes his own – more critical – quiz on the same theme.

Blogger of the Week: Gabriela García-Calderón

  8 July 2009

Gabriela García Calderón may be the star translator of Global Voices in Spanish. She translates on a daily basis for our publications, and as if that weren't enough, she still has time for writing in her personal blog, Seis de enero (January 6th). Juan Arellano met with Gabriela for an interview - here are the results.

Trinidad & Tobago, U.S.A.: Michael Memorial

  8 July 2009

Trinidadian blogger Tattoo lists his “Top Five Michael Jackson Funeral Moments”, while Coffeewallah was touched by “Paris Katherine talking about her daddy being the best in the world and the love he had for them.”

Barbados: Making Sugar Cane King

  8 July 2009

“No one with the authority seems to want to make a definitive decision as to how to progress the sugar cane industry”: Barbados Underground is convinced that “the value is no longer in the sugar but now in the sugar cane” – especially bio fuels and bio plastics.

Lithuania: Citizenship bill under fire

Lituanica recounts the ongoing debate over citizenship legislation in Lithuania, as a new bill is proposed, and how emigré Lithuanians protest against the proposal to ban dual citizenship, effectively berieving them their nationality.

Russia-Japan: Renewed row over the Kuril Islands

  8 July 2009

LJ user rover seti reacts against [RUS] a resolution of Japan's parliamentary House of Councillors, declaring the Kuril Islands, occupied by the Soviet Union in 1945, Japanese territory “since ancient times.”

India: Racism In Retrospect

  8 July 2009

Instant Gyaan comments: “when Indians talk about racism, they are being the biggest hypocrites in the universe. What right do we have to complain about racial discrimination when we practice it more efficiently than anyone else.”

China and North Korea: Kim is like Chairman Mao?

  8 July 2009

On 4 July, the United States’ National Day, North Korea has launched seven missiles tests again and some of them were medium-range rockets that pose threat to Japan and South Korea. While Kim Jong Il has been portrayed as a crazy and authoritarian figure, Chinese netizens are eager to compare...

China: Omitting the Uyghur grievances

  8 July 2009

Will from imagethief pointed out that in order to solve the ethnic conflict, it is necessary for the Chinese government to reflect upon a national myth-making apparatus that allows no room whatsoever for the acknowledgment of Uighur grievances.

Bangladesh, India: Tipaimukh Dam And Farakka Barrage

  8 July 2009

Habib Siddiqui highlights the disastrous effect of the Farakka Barrage in India on Bangladesh and opines that if the Tipaimukh Dam is built for the hydroelectricity project, this will become another deathtrap like the Farakka Barrage.