7 July 2009

Stories from 7 July 2009

Mexico: A New Stadium for Monterrey?

  7 July 2009

Is the new International Stadium in Monterrey, Mexico a done deal? asks Regio Blogs [es]. Even though there has not been much announcement about the construction project, there are reports that the new stadium will be inaugurated in 2011.

Chile: The Changing Train Trips

  7 July 2009

Alejandro Vega of En Ruta [es] reviews some recent train trips in Chile and how things have changed from his childhood journeys along the same routes. What used to seem like a “pilgrimage” is now less popular than buses.

Alcohol use rises in Cambodia

  7 July 2009

Vutha cites a study which mentions an increase in number of Cambodians who are drinking beer and alcohol. Majority prefers to drink the locally-produced white rice wine

Brunei freeze

  7 July 2009

Almost 200 young Bruneians participated in the country’s first “freeze pose” event in a mall which was also intended to raise awareness on the Influenza A(H1N1) virus. Watch a video about the event.

Haiti: HIV Infection Rates

  7 July 2009

Both Repeating Islands and Haiti Innovation comment on a mainstream media article which claims that Haiti's HIV infection rates are down.

Arab World: Good Bye Michael Jackson

Bloggers from across the Arab world bid King of Pop Michael Jackson farewell today as millions of fans tune into the silver screen to watch live coverage of his memorial ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here is a snapshot of reactions from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Trinidad & Tobago: So Long, Facebook

  7 July 2009

“I don’t know what prompted me yesterday to deactivate, maybe it was the full moon”: Trinidadian blogger Attillah Springer kicks the Facebook addiction and is “enjoying not being caught up in the noise of other people’s lives.”

Palestine: Gaza Medical Appeal

Dr. Mona Elfarra writes: “The number of patients who have died because they were not allowed to seek medical care outside of Gaza has surpassed 400. As a response to the deteriorating health situation, the Red Crescent Society recognizes the importance of adding an MRI machine to its diagnostic center...