5 July 2009

Stories from 5 July 2009

Iraq – Sovereignty?

"It is like deja-vu all over again. How many times will the media declare Iraqi Sovereignty and us bloggers are expected to stand up and respectfully applaud?" writes Salam Adil in reaction to the news of further US troop withdrawal in Iraq. He brings us more reactions from the Iraqi blogosphere about their "new-found sovereignty".

Paraguay: The Passing of “Píter”

  5 July 2009

Peter Balbuena or also simply known as “Píter” recently passed away in Paraguay. He was a tireless advocate and activist for LGBT rights in that country. Marta Escurra of Con el Perdón de la Palabra [es] recalls her conversations with him.

Armenia: Rock ‘n Roll kitchen

Global Voices Online's Caucasus Editor pays a visit to Armenia's second largest city of Gyumri where he interviews a member of the country's most well-known rock band. The post also includes an alternative video recipe for a little known local dish.

Israel: Keeping Cool in the Jerusalem Heat

Jerusalemite offers tips for how to stay cool in the summer heat. They include: “If your skin is any lighter than the fuul on your hummus (not a scientific gauge), and you're going to be outside for awhile, put on some sunscreen. If your skin turns to bacon, you may...

Palestine: Dealing With Settler Attacks

Israeli human rights activist Joseph Dana reports on a visit to the southern Hebron Hills, accompanying local Palestinian sheep herders to their lands near the illegal settlement of Maon – where they are frequently attacked by the Israeli settlers.

Japan: Amano elected as IAEA chief, some doubts

  5 July 2009

Lawyer and blogger raymiyatake expresses his doubts [ja] over the election of Japanese diplomat Yukiya Amano as director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). First, he says, Amano was supported by only 23 nations out of 35. Second, he points out the difficult situation that the Agency is dealing...

Japan: Eight endangered languages in the Japanese archipelago

  5 July 2009

In February UNESCO presented the Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger, giving an accurate and worrying description of the languages considered endangered (about 2,500). Among these eight belong to the Japanese archipelago. Not a big surprise if we think about the severe policies of linguistic and cultural assimilation carried...

Armenia: Fugitive newspaper editor detained, starts tweeting

Tzitzernak2 posts a video of fugitive newspaper editor and opposition activist Nikol Pashinian turning himself in after a more than a year on the run following last year's post-election unrest in Armenia. Meanwhile, @unzippedblog reports that @nikolpashinyan has started tweeting from detention in the building of the National Security Service...

Armenia: Georgian controversy

Nazarian comments on the recent visit by Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to Armenia. The blog says that nationalist forces in the country have every right to be angered by the medal awarded to Saakashvili by his Armenian counterpart, but says that Russian parliamentarians should stay out of the affairs of...

Brazil: Coffee and Milk, or Water and Vinegar?

  5 July 2009

Adventures of a Gringa uploads a series of University of Sao Paulo's documentaries about the politics of race in Brazil: Coffee and milk, or water and vinegar? “The documentary tries to debunk the notion of “racial democracy” in Brazil, as well as explaining concepts of race, racism, and identity. The...

Iran: Stand by me

Ianyan reports on the recording of a song sung in English and Farsi to show solidarity with the Iranian people. The blog notes that joining Jon Bon Jovi for the song is Iranian-Armenian pop star Andy Madadian. Unzipped also covers the release of the song.

India: Rain In Mumbai

  5 July 2009

Charukesi at A Time To Reflect posts some pictures of rain soaked Mumbai. She comments: “I love the rains in Bombay, the clogged roads, the wet clothes, the potholes, the frogs and warts and all.”