1 July 2009

Stories from 1 July 2009

India: Bangalore Gay Pride Parade

  1 July 2009

Ultra Violet posts some pictures of the recent Bangalore Gay Pride Parade and comments: “Gay pride is really about the freedom to be – and love – who one chooses.”

India, Pakistan: How Similar We Are!

  1 July 2009

Faisal K at Deadpan Thoughts comments on the bitter-sweet India-Pakistan relations: “We might have parted ways in 47 but our hearts and minds even though sometimes misled are still one.”

Bangladesh: TEDx Dhaka

  1 July 2009

Mohammad Tauheed, a TED Fellow from Bangladesh has recently hosted “TEDxDhaka” the first TEDx event (x= independently organized TED event) in Bangladesh.

Dominica: Chavez's Influence

  1 July 2009

Chris at Dominica Weekly says that “the possible influence that Hugh Chavez…might have on the outcome of the next general election should be something every that Dominican should be concern[ed] about.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Neverland

  1 July 2009

This Beach Called Life compares Trinidad and Tobago with Neverland: “In our Neverland, criminals will never be caught, our economy will never prosper without high oil prices, our money never stop being wasted on nonproductive ego-trips and our leaders will never stop climbing on the back of democracy to become...

Kazakhstan: State-ordered blogging

rOOse, a blogger on the YVision.kz blog platform in Kazakhstan, has posted [ru] a letter from the government to the principals of schools and colleges across the country containing recommendations to upload videos to the KazTube.Kz video portal, which was created in February 2009 at the expense of the state budget.

Bermuda: New Hotel

  1 July 2009

Bermudian bloggers discuss the pros and cons of the proposed construction of a new hotel on the island.

Peru: Dangerous Polarization

  1 July 2009

Susana Villarán writes about the “dangerous polarization [es]” that is taking place in Peruvian society and politics, including how some independent bloggers are being categorized on one end of the spectrum or the other.

Jamaica: Powell's Time?

  1 July 2009

Jamaica's Girl With a Purpose predicts that Asafa Powell will give Bolt and Gay a run for their money in the 100m at the Berlin World Championships this August.

Egypt: Wael Abbas Released, Laptop Confiscated

Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas was detained and questioned for 13 hours upon arrival in Cairo from a conference in Sweden. “finally released after 13 hours, found the lost bag, but they took the laptop still, i'm home now, will try to rest no calls plz thank u all,” he tweets...

Dubai: Stylish Workers

Life in Dubai posts a photograph of workers in the heat, wearing straw hats and comments: “I came across this gang of labourers this morning, looking very stylish in their straw hats.”

Israel: Gaza Humanitarian Ferry Intercepted

Tikun Olam‘s Richard Silverstein, who is based in the US, writes about the capture of a ferry carrying 23 human rights activists who were attempting to break the siege on Gaza by the IDF. “Israel had no right to intercept this ship, nor to impound it or detain its passengers....

Global Voices translation exchange takes off

  1 July 2009

Ever wonder how to build and maintain open language corpora? Design a translation memory tool to more efficiently translate large amounts of text across multiple languages? Crowdsource translations of everything from a haiku to an involved literary text? Ever thought about how to translate video or audio content on the...