South Asia: The World Is Poorer Without MJ

mjdeath Michael Jackson, the king of pop, is truly a legend in many countries of the world which has become more evident after his death. Millions of fans are mourning his sudden demise and remembering how his music was associated with their growth.

South Asian bloggers are also chiming in with their reactions.


Earth Bound Insight thinks the world is a poorer place without Michael Jackson (MJ):

If there are 6 billion people on this planet, and every single one had decided to blog on Michael Jackson’s death, it wouldn’t matter that I am yet another one of the billions of bloggers.

But I still want to add my piping, squeaking ineloquent voice too, to give accolades, and pay tribute

To the man who was : the King of Pop.
To the Appollo Icon.
To one of the best entertainers in pop music history,

regardless of the controversies of his personal life, the man still made great music.


Hamid Abbasi at Chowrangi writes:

Though he was no more enjoying the lime light as he used to get, his story is one full of determination, struggle and misfortunes. From a black in a society dominated by white, he emerged as the true generation leader, and this remained until his death.

Thanks for touching so many around the world, undoubtedly Michael was larger than life.

Pak Tea House remembers the influence of the king.

For many of us, he was the only face of western music in Pakistan the 1980s. We grew up admiring him, trying to moonwalk like him and trying to scream like him.

Danial Burki, a commenter on the above post recalls what the icon meant for them:

His music really kept hope alive in Pakistan during the 80s.


Ishtiaq Rouf writes:

বহু গায়ক আসবেন, অনেক “এন্টারটেইনার” জন্ম নেবেন, কিন্তু দ্বিতীয় জ্যাকসন আসবে না। শত বিতর্ক আর হাস্যকর কার্যকলাপ সত্বেও মাইকেল জ্যাকসন চিরকাল “থ্রিলার” হয়েই রইবেন। ..

একটু পাগলাটে আর খামখেয়ালি না হলে বোধহয় প্রতিভাবানদের মানায় না। একটু তাড়াতাড়ি ফুরিয়ে না গেলেও তাই। তাই বলে এতটাই দ্রুত? মাত্র ৫০ বছর বয়সে?

There will be many singers, many entertainers will be born; but there will be no second Michael Jackson. Despite much controversies and silly acts Michael Jackson will remain as “Thriller”. [..]

Being a bit eccentric and out of the ordinary probably suit the talented people. Being exhausted a bit early is probably also not uncommon. But this early? Only 50 years of age?

A commenter on the post writes:

| ভুতুম [অতিথি] | শুক্র, ২০০৯-০৬-২৬ ১০:০৬

নেভারল্যান্ডেও তাহলে বয়স বাড়ে, রোগ হয়, মরে যায় কেউ। মনটা খারাপ হয়ে আছে।

People also grow old in Neverland, be sick and die? I am so sad.

Kowshik writes:

তার প্রকৃতিপ্রদত্ত সৌন্দর্য আমার চোখে বেশী চমকাতো, কি স্পর্ধায় তাকিয়ে থাকতো মায়াবী-রাজপুত্রের কালো চোখ! মাইকেল জ্যাকসনের মৃত্যুকে প্রত্যাখ্যান করলাম। প্রকৃতির এই স্বেচ্ছাচার মানি না।

His (past) natural beauty allured me more, how daring was the black eyes of this magic-prince! I reject the death of Michael Jackson. I defy the wantonness of the nature.

Sri Lanka:

Diaspora blogger London, Lanka and Drums says:

What became clear over the years to me, as well as several million other people, was that he was a troubled soul, a person looking for something. He had the money, he had the talent, the fame and all the trappings. He just never appeared to have the contentment, the inner peace that so many people who live a “normal” nine to five life have.

His legacy will last and his music will stay. As a musician I can have total respect for the way his contributions to the world of music actually shaped and changed things. Musically he's one of the greats.

But it's Michael Jackson the young kid in the early Jackson Five songs that I feel sad for. It's Michael Jackson the father of three that I mourn for. I hope he finds his peace.


Uber Desi recalls that Michael Jackson toured India in 1996 and did a show in Mumbai.

Jackson is the one Western artiste who is known to even the common man in India.

Kamla Bhatt pays tribute to MJ:

Michael Jackson thank you so much for your music and the countless happy hours of music and memories that you gave so many people.

She noticed that Jackson exerted a huge influence on Bollywood and the Indian film industry. Ennis at Sepia Mutiny posts some videos portraying how MJ influenced the Indian film industry.

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher writes in a blog post:

In my book, Michael Jackson is to entertainment what Gandhi is to peace and humanity.

Aparna Ray at Newsmericks wrote a limerick as a tribute to him.

As a man who lived life off the wall,
Michael Jackson, King of Pop, had it all.
Unmatched voice and that dance,
Held the world in a trance,
But then after the rise, came the fall.

Aditi Nadkarni at Desicritics remembers:

He was my very first introduction to pop music, our generation's pop music. If it weren't for him, our times would not have had any star to show for itself, no Elvis, no Beatle mania. We from the 90s would have passed by without a craze.

I remember hearing the scream, the sounds of shattering glass weaved into his music, the irreverant howl, the vulnerable quiver of his voice and the startling hiccup that punctuated his songs so in contrast to the steady, unbroken, melancholy notes of Indian music.

Slime, a commentator on that post tells that Michael Jackson represents the impossible and wishes:

I salute God for making such people like MJ who conquered. MJ, u will be born again in future years as young people will try to achieve the impossible.

The image of ‘Michael Jackson’ used in this post is by Flickr user leesean and used under a Creative Commons license.

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