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MJ Death Reaction in Kuwait

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After the passing of Michael Jackson there has been a mixture of reactions from the Kuwaiti blogosphere.

Remembering their childhood, ReadmyBlog [1] writes about when he first heard of MJ's death:

I woke up this morning and the blogosphere was talking about the death of Micheal Jackson. My earliest memory of MJ was seeing my cousin trying to moonwalk

TheJacob [2]is in wonder at the reactions from people around him:

انا مو حزين عليه ولا ضايق خلقي ولا بنتحر
طول عمري احب الفن لكن ما اهتم حق الفنانين نفسهم،، اهتم حق انتاجهم
بس في ناس استغربت منها
الي يقول ويع
والي يقول بجهنم انشالله
والي يقول جلب ومات
والي يقول احسن
والي يقول… والي يقول
بعرف شنو سبب الكراهيه او الحقد هذا؟
غريب امر هالناس تكره الشخص بدون سبب
واذا انا فاهم الموضوع غلط او هو مسوي لكم شي علموني عشان افهم
I'm not Sad or going to kill my self about it
all my life I love art , but I don't care for artist , I care for what they produce
but there are people who amaze me

some who say yuck
some hope he is in Hell
some who say some dog and died

what is with the hate ?
I don't know why some people just hate him

If I don't understand it or there is a reason please tell me

7anna7inno [3]speaks of her feelings:

شخصيا..ما أدري ليش..بس ضاق خلقي
مايكل جاكسون..كان لي ذكريات وايد مع أغانيه
بيلي جين..ثريلر..و جاكيته الأحمر الجلد
طيرة بوهتنا فيه و برقصه
كل هذا…خلاص
و أهم حيثيّه
جيلي بدا يتحتحت
Personally i don't know why , but I'm feeling sad
I had a lot of memories with Michael Jackson songs
Billie Jean , Thriller and his red jacket
all this over
and the worst part ?
my Generation is starting to go away

Shurouq over at Jabriya Za7ma [4]:

في أيام عبد الحليم الأخيرة طالته اتهامات بادعاء المرض لكسب تعاطف الجمهور ومزيد من الشعبية إلى أن قضى عليه المرض في لندن. القصة تكررت مع مايكل جاكسون الذي اتهمه البعض بالتمارض للتملص من التزامات فنية أعلن أنها فُرضت عليه، ويبدو أنه رحل عن عالمنا اليوم رحيلا مفاجئا ومحزنا يثبت مرضه، ويثبت أن أولوياتي في الحزن والتعاطف الإنساني ناقصة
أعتذر عن عدم التفاعل مع انتخابات إيران وتداعياتها ولا مستوطنات نتنياهو ولا استجواب وزير الداخلية ولا الجنسية لأبناء اللبنانية كما يجب.. وحده مايكل جاكسون استطاع أن يحرك مياه المدونة الراكدة.. شويّة
In the Last Days of AbdullHaleem , he was accused of faking sickness to gain sympathy and as a publicly stun , until he died in London of sickness , the same story happened with Michael Jackson who people accused of faking sickness to slip out of artistic commitment , and he seem to have left out word today a sudden one and sad one that prove he was sick , and further prove that my priority of sympathy and human emotion are missing

I'm sorry for not talking about Iran election and after effects or Netanyahu settlements , or the grilling of the interior minister or the nationality for the sons of the Lebanese as it should , only that Michael Jackson was able to move the stagnant waters of the blog

sou [5] is amazed and shocked that so many care:

Now I’m sure Michael Jackson fans might grill me, but I don’t care. Don’t tell me Michael inspired so many of the artists I listen to; had he not been around, neither would have your favorite artists.” These are my favorite artists, and not one of them sounds like Michael Jackson: