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Iran: Videos of protests and vigils

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A disputed June 12 election [1] in Iran that returned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [2] to power, has sparked the most violent unrest since the Islamic Revolution [3] in 1979. Protesters and the opposition leader, Mir Hussein Mousavi [4] are calling for an annulment of the election. Security forces killed at least 10 people in Tehran on Saturday, but protests have continued in different Iranian cities.

Tehran, Sunday: Protesters chanted the following slogans: “Don't be scared, don't be scared, we are all together. Down with the dictator.”

Tehran, Thursday: Iranians in remembrance of the ‘martyrs’ of Tehran light up candles near the University of Tehran.

Tehran: Iranians shout ‘Allaho Akbar’ (God is Great) on their rooftops as a sign of protest against the election results. A beautiful poem is recited by a girl sitting on a roof in Tehran.

Isfahan: Protesters confront security forces