Iran: Videos of protests and vigils

A disputed June 12 election in Iran that returned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power, has sparked the most violent unrest since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Protesters and the opposition leader, Mir Hussein Mousavi are calling for an annulment of the election. Security forces killed at least 10 people in Tehran on Saturday, but protests have continued in different Iranian cities.

Tehran, Sunday: Protesters chanted the following slogans: “Don't be scared, don't be scared, we are all together. Down with the dictator.”

Tehran, Thursday: Iranians in remembrance of the ‘martyrs’ of Tehran light up candles near the University of Tehran.

Tehran: Iranians shout ‘Allaho Akbar’ (God is Great) on their rooftops as a sign of protest against the election results. A beautiful poem is recited by a girl sitting on a roof in Tehran.

Isfahan: Protesters confront security forces


  • Ameth73

    World seems frustrated with the situation in Iran.
    What I really want to understand is the political view of Moussavi and their supporters, and also which of Ahmedinejad.

    I do feel, Moussavi has got support from many clerics and his movement using the ‘green’ colour, sign of Islam. What actually is his ideology?
    While for Ahmedinejad, I do feel he has been, more or less, ‘secular’. He has been trying to be a kind of ‘Machiavellian’ political leader, sometimes, as I’ve heard, he has been controversial with the cleric council.

    Can anyone clarify this?

  • 1irani

    I am extremely disapointed by Obama’s response to People’s movement in Iran. Before Obam’s election as president, the Iran’s regime had 2 big enemies. its own people and U.S.A.

    Iran’s election fraud provided a unique chance (once in a lifetime) for Iranian to realize their power. At the same time for the first time during 30 years , the regime feels no treat from U.S.A. therefore the regime is not afraid to suppress the people by any possible means.

    I wonder how Americans make so many mistakes. Always doing the wrong thing.

    1-1953 and the coup against Mosadegh’s popular government
    2- Jimy Carter’s human right overturn Shah. Right now most people miss him
    3- During the Iran-Iraq war, U.S.A helped Iraq, 1 million casualties for us
    4- Removing the U.S.A threat by Obama made it much easier for mullahs to suppress people.

    When are you American going to do something good for Iranian? should every action be against us? What happened to your values? If Obama does not support Iranian in an efficient and strong way, I guess every Iranian will say to American politicians: please shut up forever and stop telling nonsense about human rights.We never believe you again.

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