Egypt: Between the Swine Flu and Approaching Plague

Terror and panic have gripped many Egyptians after the first case of H1N1 influenza, or Swine Flu, was detected in the country. The panic had actually started before the virus hit, prompting the Egyptian government to cull pigs. Now that the disease has made its way to Egypt, bloggers are questioning the whole sanitary and health related issues that are considered preliminary elements in combating the disease.

Mohaly kicked off the discussion with a broad question: “Why is it hard to be clean?” In this post he says:

I realized that all the precautions to avoid Swine Flu are simply about “BEING CLEAN” and I also realized that the danger in Egypt is not because of the flu itself as much as not having the “being clean” culture.. I kept on thinking and I wondered Why aren't the majority of the Egyptian people in the 21st century clean? what have led to this? If the religions tell us to be clean, and all creatures care about being clean, so why aren't we?

In an attempt to raise awareness among the public, pharmacies have started putting out signs calling upon people to take all the required precautions, reports Abul Ma3aly Fa2ek in his blog:

بعد أن تم اكتشاف ما يعرف بانفلونز الخنازير (H1 N1 )
فى بعض الدول العربية وعلى رأسها مصر رأت بعض الصيدليات أن تقوم بخدمات إرشادية وتحذيرية للمواطنين لأخذ الحيطة والحذر تجاه هذا المرض الخطير
After the discovery of HINI, which is known as swine flu, in some Arab countries including Egypt, some pharmacies have decided to provide some instructions which warn citizens to take precautions against this dangerous disease.

Swine Flu mania has gripped Egypt, which is still suffering from an increasing death toll from the avian or bird flu, which is considered by health authorities even more dangerous than swine flu. And just as you would think that we have had our fill of diseases, the deadly Plague has been reported in neighbouring Libya, poising a valid threat to the Egyptian western borders.

On the Pandemic Information News blog, blogger Common Ground describes a “Triangle of Death” poised by “triple catastrophic diseases.”

On the plague threat in nearby Libya, the blogger reports:

وأعلن مسؤول في منظمة الصحة العالمية عن انتشار وباء الطاعون في مدينة طبرق الليبية الواقعة على ساحل البحر الأبيض المتوسط بعد تلقيها بلاغا من السلطات الليبية.
An World Health Organization official announced the spread of the plague in the Libyan city of Tobruk on the Mediterranean coast after receiving an alert from the Libyan authorities.

He then notes:

أكد جبور أن طبرق التي تبعد نحو 125 كيلومتراً عن خط الحدود مع مصر كانت مكاناً لحالات وباء سابقة منذ عشرات السنين
Disease expert Jabbour stressed that Tobruk is 125km from the border with Egypt and has reported cases of the plague in previous decades.

Writing at Egyptian Chronicles, Zeinobia too discusses the plague threat on her country:

Forget about H1N1 and H5N1 ,now we are having in Egypt even much more dangerous deadly catastrophe knocking on our Western doors : The Plague , the black death that can't be comprised.

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