Iran: Green Silent Protest Movement in photos

Protesters all over Iran continue their demonstrations against the June 12 presidential election result that declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner. Supporters of Ahmadinejad's challenger, Mir Hussein Mousavi, and many Iranians who profess to believe in “change” continue to use the colour green as the symbol of their movement. Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi, the other reformist candidate, have asked people to stay calm and protest peacefully. While Iranian state-run TV is not showing images of the demonstrations, Iranian citizen media is full of fascinating photos.  Hamed Saber has published several photos on Wendesday's demonstartion in Hafte tir Square in Tehran. These photos reveal the nature of Iranian protest movement:

Green Silence or Silent Protest


No time to rest




Huge Masses


Che meets Mousavi


Kosoof also published the photos of Tehran march when Mir Hussein Mousavi and Mehdi karoubi were present:

Mass Movement


Mir Hussein Mousavi among People


Mehdi Karoubi Greetings Crowd


On Thursday Mousavi delivered a speech in Imam Khomeni Square in Tehran. His wife, Zahra Rahnavard, was with him and appears in following photo.



  • Bruce Peninsula

    The protesters were wearing a particularcolour, in this case green, just like in those East European and Transcaucasian “revolutions” ( Orange, Rose, etc ).

    These so-called Colour Revoultions are funded by the U.S. State department and the C.I.A.. Funny how we hear nothing of this.

    Why tackle Iran army to army when you can have her own citizens, seduced by the culture of fashion, shopping and spiritlessness.

    “Operation Ajax” of the 1950’s rides again. Pure revenge.

    • shahram

      i’m a whole hartedely socialist in the big picture
      of internationalism &that is why i am so much
      facinated with Mr Chavez and his new and sensible
      idea about new era of socialism.
      But i think what happened in SPAIN With the help
      and postpone it for some time is hapening again.

      PLEASE Mr. CHAVEZ we need you,
      the block you are taking side(in iran) are fundamental
      religious ,
      forget about some economic isues
      think about your comrades far far away
      and the support they need.


    • Anne Logue

      The protests in Iran show enormous courage and integrity. There is no way the votes were counted in two hours. People are standing up for truth. You can’t do better than that. They are inspiring the world and we are watching.

  • Jibi

    Yes, the CIA won the election, backed by Uncle Sam’s greenbacks.

  • Kay kactuz

    Of course it was the CIA, or the jews, or International Capitalism, or the culture of fashion, or maybe little green men from Mars.

    It is always somebody’s fault, isn’t it? The idea that people want to be free to control their own lives without the Mullahs, people like Chavez, dictators and so-called presidents for life, or other tyrants is unthinkable.

    Bless the good people of Iran. I fear for them, however. The tyrants of the world do accept those who believe in freedom of speech, religion and equality.

    • anthony

      You Know, this is not the fault of the US at all, however, the first revolution was done by the CIA; this was proven many years ago…

      So you understand why people may think the USA or Israel have a hand in things…

  • Deveney

    I feel that the young people of Iran have seen what freedom is in the west and desperately want than in Iran. With any freedom comes responsibility.
    We in the west must support this with all we have. Simple things like wearing green, tieing a green scarf on bags, on neck, on head, etc., wearing green wristbands.
    Let those in Iran know we stand with them, they are NOT alone.

  • iranian people are alone

    The Iranian people are smart and honest.
    They will always choose and follow honest leaders unlike some other people who choose Sarkozies, Berlusconies, and Bushes the iranian people will always choose Mir hosseins. The Iranian people don’t look to the west for freedom because they have already tasted modern western tyrants (Shah). Iranian people are the followers of Imam Hossein who is the true symbol of a freeman. Grren is the color of Imam hossein

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