18 June 2009

Stories from 18 June 2009

Bangladesh: Daylight Saving Time

  18 June 2009

The Bangladesh government has decided to implement daylight savings for the first time starting midnight on Friday, June 19, 2009. Expat blogger Estelle Visagie wonders how the people of Bangladesh will cope with the changes.

India: Failure Is Not An Option

  18 June 2009

India, the defending champion, was out of this year's Twenty20 World Cup cricket tournament early. No wonder the cricket crazy nation is buzzing with the discussion “what went wrong”. Blogbharti summarizes some bloggers’ reactions.

Iran: Comparisons and Scenarios

  18 June 2009

Balkans via Bohemia looks at how the events in Iran “would play out vis a vis other successful and unsuccessful revolutions in the past two decades,” including those in Serbia, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine and China.

Bolivia: Warnings of Scams in El Alto

  18 June 2009

Falling victim to scams in Bolivia is not uncommon. Attempts to swindle people out of money come in all shapes and sizes, and often come at times when people are most vulnerable, in a hurry or when they are alone, for example. Two bloggers from El Alto share their experiences of these types of tricks, each with different outcomes. They both wanted to share their stories, so that the same thing does not happen to anyone else.

Iran: Green Silent Protest Movement in photos

Protesters all over Iran continue their demonstrations against the June 12 presidential election result that declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner. Supporters of Ahmadinejad's challenger, Mir Hussein Mousavi, and many Iranians who profess to believe in “change” continue to use the colour green as the symbol of their movement. Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi,...

Bahrain: Ahmadinejad, For And Against

Bahrain has many historical and cultural links to Iran. A number of Bahrainis (both Shi'a and Sunnis) have Persian roots and speak Persian, and many of Bahrain's Shi'a community regularly travel to religious sites in Iran. On Bahraini blogs and forums there has been a lot of support expressed for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, thanks in particular to his reputation as a clean politician and modest person, but he is not popular with everyone.

Iran: The Power of Allaho Akbar

Jadi tweeted that this night the power of Allaho Akbar [God is Great] and Down With Dictator is at least tripled! At night people shout Allaho-Akbar from their rooftops to protest against Iranian presidential election's result.

Arab World: “Iran is a Democratic Dictatorship”

Reactions continue to pour across the Arab world over developments in Iran, in the aftermath of the country's presidential elections which saw Mahmoud Ahmedinejad winning a second term, with 66 per cent of the overall votes. In this round up of reactions, Arab bloggers compare between the political scenes in their countries with that in Iran as well as offer their insights to developments on the ground.

Iraq: Getting ID Badges

Writing at Baghdad Observer journalist Mike Tharp describes the ritual he went through at the International Zone in Baghdad to get his “U.S. military ID badges so we could be street legal and enter places we couldn't go without ‘em.”

Lebanon: Bloggers React to Iran Crisis

Only a week after its own tight elections, Lebanese bloggers have been intently watching the fallout from Iran's disputed polls. The turmoil in Iran - a key power broker in Lebanon and main supporter of the powerful Lebanese Shia group Hezballah - has received mixed reactions. Whilst many of the bloggers are resisting to choose a side in Iran's dispute, they have plenty to say on other fronts.

Cuba: Lessons from Iran

  18 June 2009

Havana-based blogger Generation Y thinks that “what is happening in Iran and its dissemination through the Internet is a lesson for Cuban bloggers.”

Barbados: Illegal Immigration

  18 June 2009

“Illegal immigrants have rights too”: Bajan Dream Diary discusses the issue in light of the country's recent move to tighten its immigration policy.

Guyana: Blackout Stimulus Package?

  18 June 2009

“People across the country are cussing bitterly about the almost nationwide blackouts which Guyanese are suffering on a daily basis”: Imran Khan thinks that “there is serious economics behind it all.”

South Africa: Bafana needed Bernard Parker

  18 June 2009

The Supersport commentator and blogger, Mlambo, writes about the Confederations Cup 2009 in South Africa: “The new no 17 Bernard Parker’s 20th minute goal and 12 minutes later dazzling run and shot that required Glen Moss to pull out his best save of the evening was just what I, millions...

Iran:Repression in Urumiye

In You Tube we can watch the Iranian police repressed a protester in Urumiye in Western Azarbaijan province. As protests against Iranian presidential election‘s reults grow, security forces repress more and more protesters around country.