15 June 2009

Stories from 15 June 2009

Slovakia, Czech Republic: www.postaramsa.com

Tanja of Czechmatediary writes: “My good Slovak blogger friend Lenka (AKA SlovakMama) had a great idea. She created a website called ‘www.postaramsa.com‘ (meaning “it will be taken care of”) which allows visitors to search for caretakers for either their children or their elderly parents ( or pets!) and worldwide! So...

Pakistan: Virtual Bloggers Meetup

  15 June 2009

Teabreak, Paksitan's largest Blog aggregator celebrated its first birthday with a virtual Bloggers meet up, first ever in the country. The bloggers discussed about the IDP issues in Swat region and how bloggers can highlight the social issues in Pakistan.

Nepal-India Border Dispute: Nepalese Reactions Online

  15 June 2009

Couple of weeks back, reports of alleged land encroachment by India border security forces hit the Nepalese media. On the historic perspective on Nepal-India border, Nepaldemocracy has an in-depth report. According to Republica: “Some 2000 Nepalis from villages on Nepal-India border who have been displaced due to alleged harassment by...

Iran: Protests and Repression

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians in Tehran and several other cities have rallied to support presidential candidate Mir Hussein Mousavi defying a government ban on demonstrations. Although Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are currently blocked in Iran, many Iranians have been using proxies to bypass filters and report up-to-the-minute news. Iranian authorities have also blocked SMS text messages, and are also filtering several news websites reflecting reformist opinions.

Moroccan Elections: The King's Party Triumphs

Whilst world attention was focused on the fiercely fought presidential election in Iran, communal elections held in June 12 in Morocco passed almost unnoticed by world media. The polls were officially hailed as crucial for the country's future and an important milestone in Morocco's protracted journey to democracy. Moroccan blogger's covered and commented the event, their hearts swaying between skepticism and full endorsement of the vote.

Japan: HBS on Japanese Anime Industry

  15 June 2009

Matt Alt links to a Harvard Business School working paper (pdf) on the state of the Japanese anime industry: “If Japan wants to bank on its ‘Gross National Cool’, it will have to overcome the inertia of system that has essentially reduced its most talented architects to the level of...

Bahrain: Learning To Appreciate Bahrain

The Bahrain Taxi blog is back – but is no longer ranting: “I’ve been in Bahrain for nearly two years now and I feel I have finally settled down…rather than being angry at everything and everyone I have opened my eyes to what a great place this can be.”

Trinidad & Tobago: In Naipaul's Defense

  15 June 2009

Repeating Islands features a defense of Trinidad-born V.S. Naipaul in which the author “makes a valid point about the separation of the writer’s shortcomings as a person from the texts he has produced.”

Dominica: Chavez’ Visit

  15 June 2009

“It's like the uncle who comes with some cash in his pocket and the whole family gets lined up by the door of a recently cleaned room”: Caribbean Man reports on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ visit to Dominica.

Trinidad & Tobago: Up in Flames

  15 June 2009

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but who would want to flatter matches?”: From Trinidad and Tobago, This Beach Called Life explains.