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Mozambique: Attack on Presidential candidate

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Mozambique, Breaking News, Elections

Mozambican bloggers Carlos Serra [1] [pt] and Paulo Granjo [2] [pt] respond to the attack yesterday against politician Daviz Simango, in the northern Mozambican port city of Nacala. In addition to the reactions from the blogosphere, Simango's party (@mdmwiki [3]), tweeted the attack.

Simango is the mayor of Beira, and founded his new party MDM earlier this year, after falling out with traditional opposition party RENAMO [4]. Just days ago, he and his party confirmed a planned bid for the Presidency and a campaign for the October election. Simango was heading for a meeting of his party when his car was shot at by individuals in the assembled crowd who grabbed police weapons.

He escaped unharmed but media reports indicate three people were injured, including a policeman. Initial reports from Mozambican independent media suggest the shooters were members of RENAMO.