10 June 2009

Stories from 10 June 2009

Pakistan: The Islam Of Taliban

  10 June 2009

Pak Tea House quotes an woman from an IDP camp in Mingawera, Swat: “People outside Swat think we had Islam and Shariat. There is no Islam in Swat. The Taliban have finished it.”

India: Ignorance About North Eastern India

  10 June 2009

Paritosh Chakma at Musings Of A Chakma writes: “what irritate me in Delhi most are two things: (1) Ignorance about my native state, Mizoram, and (2) ignorance and insensitivity towards my physical attributes.”

Russia: Artyom Loskutov's Case

Foreign Policy Association's Russia blog – on Artyom Loskutov's case: “Largely ignored in the mainstream media, Loskutov’s summary arrest nearly a month ago and continued detention have electrified the Russian internet, overwhelming the social networking site Livejournal and setting off a hunger strike. Loskutov heads a left wing, situationist-style artist...

Latin America: The Problem of Child Labor – Part I

  10 June 2009

Child labor is a sad reality in Latin America, and often many residents throughout the region become so used to seeing working children that they don't even realize it. Awareness campaigns and other steps are being taken to change all of this. In observance of the World Day Against Child Labor 2009, which will be held on June 12, members of the Global Voices Latin American team helped to find related blog posts and links about this issue in their own countries for part one in this two part series

Africa: Gay and lesbian voices in African blogosphere

  10 June 2009

Despite being victims of politics and culture of exclusion in Africa, gays and lesbians on the continent have found a space to communicate and assert their rights: blogosphere. Haute Haiku, our new author covering LGBT blogs in Sub-Saharan Africa, points to conversations taking place in gay and lesbian blogs.

Iran: To Vote or not to Vote

One of the main topics during any Iranian presidential election is ‘to vote or not to vote'. In other words whether to take part in the election or boycott it. Although several opposition groups have called for boycotting the coming June 12 presidential election, it seems the weight of boycotting groups is much less than four years ago.

USA: Saberi to Ling and Lee: “You are not alone”

  10 June 2009

Roxana Saberi, the American journalist who was imprisoned for four months in Iran, is asked by the CPJ blog what she would say to journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee who were recently sentenced to 12 years hard labor in North Korea.