8 June 2009

Stories from 8 June 2009

Venezuela: Two Years Since RCTV is Off the Air

  8 June 2009

It has been more than two years since the Venezuelan television station RCTV had its transmission license cancelled. Kira Kariakin of K-Minos [es] looks back at the events, and notes that another station, Globovision is now also under threat.

Moroccans Love/Hate Affair with Obama

US President Barack Obama's Cairo address to the Muslim world sparked a blaze of reactions across the region and beyond; not least amongst bloggers from the Maghreb where a fiery of blog posts and instant tweets conveyed a whole spectrum of opinions ranging from outright, full endorsement to deep skepticism and even scorn and mistrust, write Anas Alaoui and Hisham.

Peru: Responsibility for the Casualties in Amazon Conflict

  8 June 2009

Many bloggers are criticizing Peruvian President Alan García and his government for their failure to enforce treaties and agreements that require the consultation with local communities before any action take place on their lands. As a result, the roadblock protests to protect their rights and the subsequent attempt to clear these blockades, led to clashes in the Amazon city of Bagua. This conflict claimed the lives of indigenous residents, as well as police. The coverage in many media outlets has also attracted criticism for their handling of the information.

Trinidad & Tobago: Cutlass

  8 June 2009

As the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister “sharpens his political cutlass”, Attillah Springer suggests that citizens are being led like lambs to the slaughter.

Israel: Dubai Futuristic Farm out of Star Trek

Writing at Mideast Youth, Green Prophet from Israel, discusses development in the UAE and notes: “Environmental projects including specially designed buildings, business parks and residential centers are years ahead of other countries. And now, a project in Dubai is developing something even more awesome: A vertical farm that looks like...

Algeria: Praise for Obama'a Address

Kal, from Algeria, reacts to Obama's address to the Muslim world which he delivered in Cairo, Egypt. “The speech carrying both substance and elegance. It will be widely praised and cited in the future as a major event in the “post-9/11″ period and in America’s relationship with the Muslim world,”...

Guatemala: Technology and Web Topics in 120 Second Videocast

  8 June 2009

120 Segundos is one of the newest projects by the Maestros del Web community. The name for the community comes from a literal Spanish translation to the term Webmaster and consists of a technology, programming and design related website as well as one of the most active Spanish speaking forums. A year ago they started producing video content for the web, condensating online content to make 120 second information pods in Spanish.

Hong Kong: Say No to CCTVB

  8 June 2009

On 4th of June, there were more than 150,000 Hong Kong citizens gathered in and around the Victoria Park to commemorate the 20 anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre. The number of attendees has broken the record since 1990, telling the world that Hong Kong people have not given up...