5 June 2009

Stories from 5 June 2009

Poland: Signs for Tourists

Polandian believes that “[v]isitors to Poland could use a few official warning signs to help them cope”: “Here are twelve signs I would like to see put up at strategic locations around Poland’s tourist spots.”

Macedonia: Facebook Ads Survey

GV Author Filip Stojanovski has surveyed some 450 Facebook users from Macedonia on whether they are clicking on the ads placed on Facebook by Macedonian companies and posted the results of the survey on his blog, Razvigor :-).

Pakistan: Sania Saeed And The Bloggers

  5 June 2009

Some Pakistani bloggers (including Global Voices Pakistan Author Sana Saleem) met with renowned theater activist Sania Saeed to talk about her recent play Main Adakara Banun Gi. Read details about this in Jehan Ara's In The Line Of Wire.

Peru: Clashes Break Out in the Amazon Region

  5 June 2009

The continuing tense situation in the Amazon Region of Peru has taken a turn for the worst with reports of clashes between indigenous protestors and the police. These protests have continued for quite some time, as residents are concerned that the government wants more control of their land for mining and oil exploration. Unofficial reports have deaths occurring on both sides, and bloggers have been following the developments closely with frequent updates on their sites.

Ghana: Speculation, excitement and hopes over Obama's visit

  5 June 2009

Bloggers around the world speculate about President Obama's choice to visit Ghana first in sub-Saharan Africa. Across the continent Africans have been asking, “Why Ghana?” Many commentators are suggesting that the choice to visit Ghana first is an explicit endorsement of the nation's recent peaceful elections and that the USA values peace and democracy above personal affiliations and more powerful nations.

Middle East: Bloggers React to Obama's Address

From being described as the "self-appointed world leader" to questioning his choice of speech venue to choosing to turn a deaf ear to his speech, blogs across the Middle East are reacting to US President Barack Obama's policy speech on the Middle East just delivered in Cairo, Egypt.

Jamaica: High Teen Pregnancy and Sexual Violence Rates

  5 June 2009

Adolescent pregnancy continues to be a major health problem in Jamaica, with 35 percent of Jamaican women having their first pregnancy by age 19. Most of these pregnancies are not planned. Many of these teenage girls also experience sexual violence.

Myanmar: 64 Words for Aung San Suu Kyi

  5 June 2009

Do you want to show support for Myanmar opposition leader and global democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi? A new website was launched where anyone from around the world can leave a 64-word message of solidarity for imprisoned leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The website 64forSuu.org is named as such to mark Suu Kyi’s 64th birthday on June 19.