4 June 2009

Stories from 4 June 2009

Russia: Google Squared Declares Medvedev Dead

Profy reports that “[a]ccording to Google Squared, [president] Medvedev presumably died on the 20th of May when a famous Russian actor actually died so the search engine grabbed the mistake from all the publication that covered the actor’s death along with the fact that Medvedev commiserated on his death […].”

Pakistan: The Realities Of The War With Taliban

  4 June 2009

Sana Saleem at Mystified Justice comments on Pakistan's ongoing war with Taliban: “the war must go on till we rid ourselves from the insurgency that has cost us much more than human lives. Regardless of what must be done I find myself dumbfounded at the things at stake.”

Liberia: Miss Grand Bass County wins Miss Liberia 2009

  4 June 2009

Nat blogs about Miss Liberia 200: “The long-delayed and much awaited Miss Liberia 2009 Pageant was finally staged Saturday night, May 9, 2009 at the historic Centennial Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia (at an unusual venue) with Miss Grand Bassa County (Shu-rina Wiah) being named the Queen that will ably represent...

D.R. of Congo: First field visit after the war

  4 June 2009

Makambo shares his thoughts on his first field visit after the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo: “The eastern DRC near Virunga National Park went through some rough times due to the recent war. Consequently, field visits have been very limited. I am happy that I can now travel...

Vietnam: Saigon Digital Marketing Conference

  4 June 2009

David provides a good overview of the recently held Saigon Digital Marketing conference in Vietnam. Check in particular the highly informative paper of Ralf Matthaes on Internet and Media Shifts in Vietnam.

Sri Lanka: A Suppressed Nation

  4 June 2009

Access to many Sri Lankan IDP camps are still limited to the international journalists and aid workers and the information are suppressed. So it is hard to hear the voices from these IDP camps. Regini David, a human rights, women and workers' rights activist, has been working with vulnerable people for the past 23 years. In her blog, ‘Unheard Voices‘, she has started writing about the very unheard voices from Sri Lanka, voices of the people she worked with.

Myanmar: Collapse of an Ancient Pagoda

  4 June 2009

An ancient pagoda in Myanmar collapsed while it was going under renovation, killing at least 5 people. The 180-foot Danoke Pagoda in Yangon Division was originally damaged during Cyclone Nargis so it had been going under renovation. GV author Tan translates a Burmese blogpost about the tragedy.

Cuba, USA: OAS Says “Yes”

  4 June 2009

After 47 years, the Organization of American States has lifted its ban on Cuba's admission from the group, with most member states restoring ties with the island nation. The United States, which still maintains a trade embargo against Cuba, was the notable exception. But the opinions of other hemispheric leaders won out. Cuba is free to be part of the OAS - despite its leadership's statements suggesting that it has no interest in returning. A few bloggers are making their feelings known...

Jordan: Angry at Commercial Shoot

The Black Iris, from Jordan, is angry that permission was given to film a commercial on a busy road, during rush hour. “Who in their right mind allowed an advertising company to shoot a commercial for at least two hours on one of the busiest traffic circles in the entire...

Jordan: Air France Tragedy and the Bermuda Triangle

  4 June 2009

Jordanian Hareega is outraged with the conspiracy theories being discussed in Arabic Press over the Air France plane crash. “I don't know much about flying routes, but I'm sure a plane flying from Rio de Janero directly to Paris can never pass through Bermuda triangle!! Also, some Arabs need to...