3 June 2009

Stories from 3 June 2009

Ukraine: PRiBYuT

Ukrainiana explains “the master plan about to be implemented by opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych (PRU) and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (BYuT)”: “Imagine Obama and McCain had chosen not to run. Imagine that, instead, they had agreed to rewrite the Constitution and appoint each other president and vice president, respectively. Imagine,...

Bangladesh: LGBT News

  3 June 2009

Tanvir Alim at LGBTI Bangladesh blog, a source of information about the LGBT scene in Bangladesh, writes about the observation of the International day against Homophobia and Trans phobia in the capital Dhaka.

Sri Lanka: More Journalists Harassed

  3 June 2009

Chitrangi informs that the Sri Lankan police arrested and interrogated another journalist who provided the initial information about journalist Poddala Jayantha’s abduction.

India: First Female Speaker Of Parliament

  3 June 2009

Aparajita reports that senior Congress leader Meira Kumar created history today by taking oath as India’s first female speaker of the Lok Sabha. This election proves that: “women are becoming more powerful day by day. Instead of being dominated by others they are going to dominate the country in the...

Palestine: The Future Of Gaza?

A foreign NGO worker in Gaza writing at The Ugliest Faces of Humanity tells us what many Gazans think their fate will be: “The moment Egypt opens up the border, over 40% of the population will leave, and only Hamas members will remain. Then Israel will launch another more aggressive...

Japan: JActionScripters

  3 June 2009

Flash developer extraodonaire Takayuki Fukatsu has set up JActionScripters, a group blog that covers the Japanese Flash scene in English. “More than 20 Japanese flash coders share the blog/ You will be junkie for this crazy Japanese Flash news”

Swaziland: Prominent Human Rights Lawyer Arrested

  3 June 2009

Prominent human rights lawyer in Swaziland has been arrested: “Proving that Mswati can give Mugabe a run for his money, prominent Swazi human rights lawyer, Thulani Maseko has been arrested and detained. Initially, charged under the Suppression of Terrorism Act, which at least would have provided an opportunity to challenge...

Bolivia: Farewell to Aymara Hip Hop Artist Abraham Bojorquez

  3 June 2009

The sudden death of Bolivian hip-hop artist Abraham Bojorquez was especially hard on residents of El Alto, the city from which he hailed. A victim of a traffic accident, Bojorquez left behind many fans around the world, but also left behind a legacy of lyrics that reflected on the struggles and the hopes of a young city that has been through so much. Many Bolivian bloggers shared their condolences.

Japan: Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive

  3 June 2009

Johnny at Spoon & Tamago excitedly introduces a digital archive of film director Akira Kurosasawa from Ryukoku University: “Consisting of over 20,000 photographs, manuscripts, notes and other artifacts, this is easily the most extensive database of memorabilia related to the director and his work, as well as a fascinating look...

Trinidad & Tobago: Having Fun

  3 June 2009

“There are little things I do, or don’t do, which make me feel better about myself. I hope doing these things would lead to happiness, fun, and less traffic”: Trinidad and Toabgo's This Beach Called Life explains.